Okay the cirlces forcing us into Gatka guys Yeh yeah yeah But I just saw an enemy team heading in there so we’re going to have to be real stealthy okay? Yeah yeah yeah I agree Um I dont think we should head straight over the ridge They might just be waiting for us We’d be better to get an angle or something Maybe try and flank from the left and see if we can engage from there? Yeah maybe you and I both stay on the ridge because we’ve both got scopes We can look after these guys Yeah that’s a good call I’ll take the point because I’ve got the m249 That makes sense right? Totally Yeah great alright Move out Shit there’s a squad coming over the ridge!! ARGHH!! ENGAGE!!! BEHIND US!! BACK TO BACK! ARGHHHH! Did we get them all? I think they’re all down Oh! Well done Oh man that was so intense WOAH!! Oh that was a good engagement! So realistic! So realistic! I love all the subtle little details!
– Yeah! So realistic If I was going to summarise the whole PUBG experience in one word – Realistic! Realism! Exactly Woah – fantastic Realistic
– So real If you’re looking for realistic, educational combat videos You’ve come to the right place Mmhmm we only make super accurate PUBG videos Exactly we’re all about the subtle details The realism Realistic educational combat videos Be sure to subscribe and help support educational combat… realistic… videos Realism