(Make JaeSeok Lie) Having the detector attached on you,
are you nervous? a little bit Yes, I can see it in your face But see you here ‘see you here’? – Are you nervous?
– You’re nervous, Oppa We’ll give you the weakest questions first Is your name Yoo Jae Seok? Yes Do you think your role in Running Man leads the show? Yes! – Right? You’ll also have some responsibility
– Yes, I do have some Do you think you’re good at being a MC? I try my best No, I’m asking if you think you’re good at it Answer with yes or no! Isn’t that a bit difficult for me to judge myself? You might know yourself I can’t say ‘no’ When you first started Running Man,
were you worried about KwangSoo, JiHyo and me because we were new to variety show? I was a little worried Do you think you’ve become more handsome? – Have I become more handsome?
– Yes My answer to this question is similar to that before… Answer with only yes or no! It’s true that I’ve become better! Should we now ask an ‘attack question’ at this moment? I’ll ask you a question Is it starting now? – Yes, we’re starting
– Good (If JaeSeok lies 3 times, the rest of the members win,
if not, JaeSeok wins!) JaeSeok thinks he’s the best in Running Man Let’s ask him about how he feels about our tv show Let’s also ask something about our members First question Do you think there can be no Running Man
without the presence of Yoo Jae Seok? (Although they’ve been together for a while,
they’ve never heard about his thoughts) (What will JaeSeok’s answer be?) No, I don’t – No?
– Yeah (Thumbs UP for TRUTH!
Thumbs DOWN for FALSE!) No, I don’t Really? No (Will this answer true or false?) (truth) (The graph is showing JaeSeok’s truth!) I’m so touched, I love you, brother! (Already figured out his truth with the first question?) (Brother, you’re the best!) (I mean… I just told the truth?) Why do we have to treat him like this? No, you don’t have to (So…. trustful~) (Is this an attack?) It’s a 1: 8 battle, now! It’s a battle!
I will answer honestly and get the Running Ball! I haven’t received the Running Ball for a long time Ask him the attack question properly! Ask! In many surveys, you are mostly ranked in the first place Especially, a lot of women were sad
when you got married But, when you missed the first place, and went down to 2nd or 3rd place, did you feel upset? Is it an attack? No I wasn’t! Before, when you were not married,
you’ve been rejected by a lot of women, right? Yes Do you think it’s because of your face? Yes Back then, were you greatly upset? Back then Weren’t you upset? be quiet If you’re going to attack, attack! Yes, I will in a bit Don’t you think you got married too early? No, I think I was a little late – Oh, is that so?
– Yes So, you do like being married? I’m happy ‘Sometimes I want my wife to go on a long trip’ When will he be asking the question… He’s keep asking a lot of questions! – Ask only one question!
– Wait! I’ll throw you the ultimate attack question soon! Do I have the right to remain silent? No. No Do you sometimes want your wife to go on a long trip? Are you putting your hand in the pocket
because you’re shaking or what? Because I’m sweating… – Now for the attack question
– Great (The truth about JaeSeok’s marriage life
that they wanted to ask about) Honestly, I really do love my wife but … Of course, you love your wife, but sometimes…! Sometimes when a beautiful woman passes by,
I want to have a cup of coffee… I’m really curious,
even if he was born again I think this is a good one Will you marry your wife again
even if you are born again? (What will JaeSeok’s answer be?) Yes (Why is he answering with no energy?) (Panic) We won! Let’s see! (JaeSeok will marry his wife again
even if he is born again) (Is it a truth or a lie?) It’s ‘truth’ (lie) (‘Saying ‘Yes’ is fluctuating the graph) (Succeeded in making JaeSeok lie!) (JaeSeok lied 1 time) It’s a misunderstanding, misunderstanding! JaeSeok, you’re just an ordinary man in Korea This is a big mistake! This! Now for the next question! Wait! Let’s rest for 30 seconds! (National MC, knocked down for a while!) It was because SeokJin was so funny… It can’t be (JaeSeok answers all the questions
that Lizzy, JiHyo and KwangSoo asked with truth) (Now for a strong attack from a close little brother!) To tell you in advance,
I will answer the question honestly! So ask him a question that
he will not be able to answer honestly! – Are you really going to answer truthfully?
– Yes, yes (Making him feel unstable by threatening him) Shouldn’t he be not doing this? What did I do? I just wanted to put my hand on your shoulder Don’t touch me! JongKook, treat him like you do to others There’s nothing special,
What I want to ask is It may be a sensitive question, but … – Just face it
– Okay I really do miss those days… That’s right! When I was doing ‘X-Man’… The days when you two were happy… (X-Man’s two best MCs,
Jae Seok Yoo & Kang Ho Dong) (They even got their moves in sync) (How they looked alike
even when they were running around) (So, the questions related to Ho Dong will be?) I also really did enjoy watching
you and Eun Hye together (Eun Hye?) (X-Man’s most hot couple) (Sunday Couple, ‘Strong Girl’ and ‘A Man’) Brother, don’t lose your grip! Calm down! Calm down! Calm down! Hold this! Let me go! (Being mad at innocent people!) Please step back a few steps I’m not talking about her… I miss the days when I was together with Ho Dong and I also miss you and Eun Hye together, too Don’t lose your grip! Yoo Jae Seok, do you think you’re the best MC? No You think you’re not? Domestically… (It’s not BigNose brother’s time to ask a question) I will ask you an ‘attack question’ Attack! Attack! This is actually a sensitive question,
it’s a difficult question even for us to ask It’s a question related to Ho Dong (Kang Ho Dong vs Yoo Jae Seok) Isn’t it too dangerous? Jae Seok’s going to have
500 articles about him next week MC Kang Ho Dong! – To be honest!
– Yeah – Is a great MC in many ways
– He’s the best – He is the best MC!
– Right “I’m” (JaeSeok) better than him? No Never in a million years! Let’s see! You have never thought like that before, ever? (Everyone was curious but no one has ever asked!) (National MC Yoo Jae Seok VS.
National MC Kang Ho Dong) (JaeSeok has never thought that
he was better than Ho Dong!) (Will this be true?) (truth) (The graph clearly shows that he’s telling the truth!) Ho Dong is really my favorite brother I never thought of him like that…! How do you control your heart? How do you control your heart? – Even a little bit?
– Even a little bit! (This weird test that makes him
more trustful as they ask the questions) This can’t be true, let’s go for that plan! Wait a minute All of our plans we had are all canceled now How can you cancel all of the plans now? We changed our plan today Let me have one Running Ball! Fighting! Fighting! I’ll ask you a question right away okay I, Jae Seok, wanted to remove a member from this Running Man show? (A very sensitive question that only a guest,
HeeChul, could ask) (JaeSeok’s answer is?) 1, 2, 3! No! I really like that brother (Members touched again by
JaeSeok’s heartwarming answer) Are you an angel? Please … come out as a lie It’s sad even if it comes out as a lie (Is there really no one,
who Jae Seok wants to remove?) (truth) I love you so much Just give him the Running Ball! (I love you Yoo Jae Seok) (Yoo Jae Seok Praising Assembly?) Don’t be weak, come back here Now I only need to pass
one more question to succeed, right? Only one left, one I think we gave all the questions we could think of… It’s over if he wins the last person We have to win this time! Let’s GOOO! Haroro! Haroro! Jae Seok Yoo Sit comfortably, why are you shaking? I’m Haroro – Don’t be nervous.
– Yes, sir Good, good! During the past days, you liked having fun, right? What do you mean …? Stop talking! Answer with yes or no! – Did you like having fun?
– I had a lot of fun hanging out Where did you hung out? – Where did you hung out?
– I went to Night Clubs Wait a minute Don’t lose your grip! (2nd emergency meeting!) (Members are scared by his honesty) What? What’s about me going to the Night Club? We can’t win this! Did you ever exchanged contacts? I did – You did?
– Yes Then this might have happened too..
Did you go out with any of the girls that you met there? Oh, well… I did go out with someone
I met there for a short time Don’t think these are all the question we’ve got Isn’t this the question? Don’t evaluate us with this much plan! This is all the questions I’ve got! Calm down! Calm down! (Not turning out as expected
so, his ego is fragmenting) Ask me a question! I want to figure it out! Come out, come out You’re a tough one What did i do? I’m just being honest Seok, I’ve known you for 20 years Yeah, I know I’ll know if you lie You’re also a dead meat if I tell everything about you (SukJin retreats!) You’re done if I open my mouth! -Yoo Jae Seok!
– Yeah Have you ever been slapped by a woman before? Yes, I have (Unbelievable) (It’s all in the past so…) (8 people trapped in a corner) Honestly, I’m the only one who knows about this … He was slapped in Bangbae-dong! By a noona (older sister) he liked! Why are you saying everything in detail? That’s what happened! You confessed to the noona Stop! She said, “What the hell?” and slapped him! Why are you saying this? Since you’re saying everything about me,
I’ll tell everything about you too Since you started talking about Bangbae-dong – What happened to you in Bangbae-dong…
– Let’s stop Let’s not kill each other What happened in Bangbae-dong! What happened? In Bangbae-dong … ‘YaTa’ (meaning ‘hop in’ – guys with cars asking a girl out)
was popular back then 90s Orange Gangs (Panicking) Someone beautiful was passing by “Where are you going?” “Oh, Oppa!” “Have we met before?” (gulp) She was our colleague’s older sister You’re a disappointment! (Denying) No, It’s not true Do you want to bet if my story’s real or not? That’s going to take time – What do we do? Let’s hurry up!
– Hurry up! (There’s not much time left until
the 30mins time limit ends!) Don’t you have anything about him,
while you were shooting with him? (Ah… what should we do …) They are so not prepared! (tip toeing) what? What are you doing? He agged the machine here – He’s a terrible person!
– What, why? Why are they so easy? I’m sorry (JaeSeok, back at his seat to reconnect the machine) Good, good I think it’s already time Okay, Let’s go now! There’s not much time left, now Dong Hoon fighting! Yoo Jae Suk … Here’s the ‘attack question’ – Are you going to ask me the question right away?
– Yes Ji Seok Jin is going through a very difficult time Can you give him 200 million, right now? Yes If I messed up my life! Just give not lend! Yes, I’ll just give it to him (Even though they’ve known each other for 20 years…
Could he give away 200 million right now?) (Will JaeSeok’s answer be true or false?) (false) (Second Lie Success!) Never contact me! He won’t lend you! (Upset) I’ll give you the money if you’re broke! But you’ll have to pay me back later We have one last question left The amount was too big, sorry It’s upsetting Of course I’ll help you, but the amount was too big (The Running Ball is depended on the last question!) Fighting! It’s the last, last! Fighting for the Running Ball! (The last question to decide
whether they are going to win or lose) (Will the owner of the Running Ball be
Jae Seok or the rest 8 people?) Great job, Jae Seok.
We have come to an end (Will Jaeseok answer the last question truthfully?) This was Gary’s idea, and I was also curious
when I heard about it Here goes the attack question Jae Seok! I’ve known you for 20 years Think well I, Jae Seok, like Ji SeokJin more than Kim YongMan? (Out of YongMan and SeokJin, the two best friends for 20 years, who is JaeSeok going to pick?) Yeah! Are you saying that you like me better, right? This is a great question! This question is! (Is JaeSeok telling the truth about
liking SeokJin more than YongMan?) (If YongMan’s in JaeSeok’s mind then “false”) (If SeokJin’s in JaeSeok’s mind then, “truth”) (The result is?) (truth) (Since they are working together right now,
JaeSeok’s mind is more towards SeokJin) I was sad because of ‘200 million’ question … I would like to send my heartfelt applause to you two thank you Running Ball! (JaeSeok gets the Running Ball!)