Welcome to the Battlegrounds
Tour Agency’s guide to Karakin. Now, you might know Karakin
from its infamous Black Zone and Survivors using sticky bombs
instead of doors, but this little island is so much more
than a 2-by-2 field of destruction. Take the Jamila Textile operation
for example. Jamila Textiles was by far
the most prominent business on the island, replacing farming after a massive drought
devastated the economy. Even the octopus fisherman had their land
bought out by Jamila’s owner, Amir, and left for the mainland. Amir owned damn near the whole island
by the time he was done, but reasonable people know that textiles
weren’t what was paying for it. Still, more factories were built, some in obscure locations
with only minimal staff to even run them. In fact, there were a couple
that were built, opened, and almost immediately closed
and boarded up, but more on those later. Our first stop is Al Hayik, one of the more quaint towns
on the island. Al Hayik had an important job, though. The workers here were responsible
for refining the core pigments sent up the road to Hadiqa Nemo
for processing into dye. We’ll be heading up that way next. From what the books show,
Hadiqa Nemo was the main port that Jamila Textiles used
to import raw materials. It was also the place
where all the factory’s dyes were mixed, as you can see
from the multicolored vats here. Now, on the way to Al Habar is the first of those boarded up factories
I talked about. They patched up the walls
after the last Battleground, but sure would be interesting
to see what was going on in there. I’ve got a feeling
it wasn’t making textiles. Next up is Al Habar, one of the biggest cities on Karakin. Al Habar was the city closest
to many of the farmsteads on the island and thus used to be
a pretty big economic area. After the farmers had left
and Jamila bought up their land, the city was mostly inhabited
by factory workers. Speaking of Jamila, up on the hill over there
is the main Jamila Textile factory. Many people questioned this location
for the main factory, as it was pretty far
from both of the main port cities and even a bit of a haul from Al Habar. But when you’re trying to be discreet, it makes perfect sense. What, did I forget to mention
that Amir was a smuggler? This whole island
is one big smuggler’s den with tunnels carved into the mountains
all over the place. There are supposedly ways in
across the land, but you have to have the right “equipment”
to knock on the door, if you know what I mean. This factory here is actually sitting
on one of the major tunnels that Tenebres used
to store their pilfered prizes. Speaking of Tenebres, let’s head West
and I’ll tell you more about them. This is the port city of Bahr Sahir. Did you notice an ominous octopus logo
sprayed all over town? This was the mark of Tenebres, who were smugglers, pirates, gunrunners… If it’s shady,
they probably had their tentacles in it. We know now
that Amir was the head of Tenebres and used the textile business as a front, giving Tenebres easy access
to shipping lanes for piracy, a legitimate reason for moving cargo, and a way to launder
some of those illicit earnings. If you heard about the disappearance
of theSS Summerlandand all the weapons it was carrying, that was them. Not a bunch you want to mess with. While their mark is pretty prominent here, the main Tenebres hideouts
are said to be in the mountains. Not much to tell
about our last city, Bashara, but people do need a place to live. This Western town was mostly residential, with apartments and homes
largely occupied by factory workers. There is one more interesting point
to show you before we wrap up, though. Remember what I said about Tenebres? Well, let’s just say that freight ships don’t generally have a habit
of beaching themselves. As for what happened to Tenebres, Amir,
or the people of the island, that’s a little tougher to say. All we know is, whatever happened, Karakin’s story ended
with the Battlegrounds. That’s it for this tour! Friendly reminder
that anything you’ve found on the island, must stay on the island. Had one tourist try to smuggle a gold bar
off a few trips back. Crazy what you’ll find
in these old places. We hope you enjoyed your experience
with The Battlegrounds Tour Agency, the world’s most authentic way
to experience the Battlegrounds! PUBG