My Name is Harmandeep Singh
I Play for Orange Rock and my in-game nick is MAVI! and I’m the IGL for my Team ♪ Nodwin Gaming Presents
Spiel Talks ♪ ♪ With Mavi ♪ Apart from PUBG mobile I had completed my 12th class in 2018 and after that as I was free for 6 months I started playing the game and slowly grinded my way to competetive PUBG and everything was going great till that time, so I also decided to go for education abroad So, I talked about this at home and also discussed about this with some of my friends, who told me to continue my esports journey you can make a career here itself, I should try professional PUBG Mobile! ♪♪ When Pubg Mobile was launched, My friends used to play it in my tuition classes So what I really liked about PUBG Mobile was the fact that we can drive and also shoot in-game So I asked my friends to Install Pubg Mobile in my phone so I can play too! At that time, I used to be a casual player and slowly we began improving and got to know more about the competetive aspect A lot more PUBGM tournaments were getting announced and we saw people winning and winning such a huge amount, so Looking at these aspects when I first entered to a tournament, we got a really good position Earlier, I had formed a team called Indian Tigers (IT), I had founded this PubgM team At that time I had just started playing customs, after playing a lot of casual games so I found a player called Core Carry, who you know about the K/D ratio in PUBGM and he had a very high K/D, more than me! So, I decided that I should play with this guy So this is how I first found Carry! and then we decided that we should not pick a 3rd player from outside our group, but someone we know and we talked to sayam, and sayam agreed to play too and looking at the three of us play Prince also became our friend in-game. Compeleting the lineup of Indian Tigers [IT] ♪♪♪ Yeah, since the very beginning I love to spend on my clothes I don’t waste a ton of money so it is always like this
even my parents advise me on this that I should spend on clothes but not much on other things soo,
I used to love wearing boot-cut jeans for a long time recently, I purchased a jeans and a T-shirt, a combined cost of 25k for both! and people even made a meme about that purchase on me ♪♪♪ Carry does the most mistakes After winning one or two matches he feels like he’s become the world champion He starts playing at his free-will There is this phrase ” Like a roaring Lion” So, he decides to roar but another Lion takes him down! ♪♪♪ In-game we are all rivals of one another, we will only win after killing the other guy you’d get the chicken dinner by killing everyone but, in real life, we are great friends with each other I have the most competition, personally, I believe that I have to do better than him is one guy who does “mujhe-tujhe” a lot ♪♪♪ I took a break from my studies for a while and I started getting better at Pubg Mobile at that time so, I told my parents that I had qualified for a tournament and they did not actually believe me, They just kept agreeing to what I was saying I went to New Delhi to play the tournament and after that, we had won some prize money there and I talked to my parents they told me that you have won, leave PubgMobile now! and I burst out laughing, I had no response to my parents but, now my parents support me 100% because now I am also a part of an Organisation ♪♪♪ My behavior is such that I interact with everyone, whether they are new or experienced players I have a lot of male-friends but also some female-friends I have lost some friends too, We don’t talk anymore This happened about 2 years back My principal came across some of my pictures and then he diectly sent them to my father and then my father grounded me, I lost my phone, my bike everything any kind of outlet I had to go out and roam around, it was taken away, for 6 months You can just imagine how I spent those 6 months! since then, I never wanted to commit another mistake! ♪♪♪ The closest person to me in my team is Carry! He’s been with me since the start till now But I really hate one thing about him he had to go to Bhopal, for some personal work but he had some issue with 35k and he coudn’t go and I am still sad about that thing ♪♪♪ My future plan was to go for studies abroad but then I started getting better at PUBG Mobile and all the things started running smoothly, I got sponsors and everything, so I have decided to continue my gaming career for the next two years! and after that, if things are running smooth like now I will continue my esports journey Earlier I used to belive that there is not a great future in esports, Its not as secure and we can’t rely on this career But now as a professional Pubg Mobile Player, I feel that yes, not for my whole life, but for the time this is my career ♪♪♪ I can say it out loud to anyone that there is a career in esports I myself wasn’t convinced about this option but now after entering professional gaming, you can make a career here But, like any field of work, you have to show your dedication Esports also requires loads of dedication and focus If you’re taking it seriously, like a career If it’s a timepass / casual so things will work-out for you for a shorter time frame you will only get results for a limited time-frame! If a new person is entering esports The competition bar is very high, It has become ever-more difficult for such a person he has to work hard day and night Start with watching games of experienced players he has to understand and analyse and then cross their strategies after that, he will achieve a professional level.. ♪ Like, Share and Subscribe! ♪