Some people asked me to update the guide on how to stream the 3DS into the computer, and here it is. I will show you how to install and use the BootNTR on the new console and Hzmod or HorizonM on the old console along with
Snickerstream to get the job done. So let’s get started. You need an old or new 3DS with custom firmware or Luma3DS in it. You can watch my previous guide on how to install Luma3DS if you haven’t modded it yet. Download the latest version of BootNTR Choose the standard cia format file one if you are not planning to use an extended memory games If you need to know about Mode3 and choosing the banner, just scroll up and read the information on that same page Download the latest version of Snickerstream. Choose either the 32bit or 64bit depending on your computer system And then download the HzMod All in one pack And again you can read about extended memory games on the same page And you might need 7zip file manager to pack or unpack the archive file. This is the New 2DS XL which is already running custom firmware or the Luma3DS. It is already on the latest version and it is running custom firmware on system nand And this console is connected to the same network as my computer Now we need to install the BootNTR into the console. So turn off the console and remove the micro sd card from it. Drag the BootNTR cia file into the sdcard I assumed that you have installed 7zip before so now, right click the Snickerstream archive and select extract to Snickerstream Open the folder and run Snickerstream but don’t type anything yet Reinsert the micro sd card into the console and turn it on Then run FBI Select SD, then select the BootNTR cia file and select Install and delete CIA Press any key then select Remote Install Select the first option. Now remember the IP address of your console Press the Homebutton to go back to the homescreen, close the FBI app and unwrap the BootNTR Close the FBI app and unwrap the BootNTR Then run it At this screen, select Use default You can read the settings on the top screen in case you need to use the BootNTR to run other function Press Save settings You can choose whatever version that you wanted but I chose version 3.6 Back to your computer, enter the console’s IP address to your Snickerstream, make sure you select the NTR CFW as the Streaming app, then press Connect If you are prompted by the Windows Defender Firewall or any other app, press Allow access If you did it correctly, then you can see your 3DS screen on your computer To exit Snickerstream, you can press ESC key Now let’s take a look on how we can stream using the old 3DS. Let’s open the system settings This console is on the latest firmware and do have a custom firmware on its system nand And this console is also connected to the same network as the computer Now go back and turn off the console. We will install the Hzmod into it Remove the sd card from the console Right click the HzMod archive and extract it into the Hz folder Open the Hz folder and drag the HorizonM and the Hzload cia files into the sd card Insert the sd card into the console and turn it on Open FBI Open SD, select the current directory and then select Install and delete all CIAs Press any button then go back and choose Remote Install Then again select the first option to see the console’s IP address Press the Home button to go back close the FBI and unwrap the HorizonM Loader Now run it Reopen the Snickerstream, enter the console’s IP address and make sure you select HzMod as the Streaming app. Then press Connect. Select HzMod as the streaming app Enter the console’s IP address Then press connect Don’t be shocked that streaming on the old 3DS is FREAKING SLOW, so I am sure you won’t enjoy it but it is doable Notice the FPS value, it is very low. So I suggest using a New 3DS for streaming purpose. So that’s it for the updated Snickerstream video. If you need help, you can contact me on social media. So don’t forget to subscribe thanks for watching and see you guys on the next video.