what’s up everybody its K-City
gaming and this is our Super Bowl prediction match it’s dad vs. son we are
playing 49ers versus Chiefs and I’m gonna let him have the first pitch tell
you’re gonna do the Niners we’re gonna do it hopefully we’ll good right we are
in Miami okay it’s gonna be amazing hey the flash has got his black and red
uniforms that’s not anything it’s not something is that like an alternate
universe 49ers or the Sun Chiefs for the never play the SU team that was our
first dad versus Emily we’ll give you a link to that right up here okay let’s
get this show on the road you ready I’m kicking off here oh and do you remember
Super Bowl four against Minnesota remember Hank Stram is a coach on the
sidelines miked up for the first time that really gave us a lot of what we had
all right just so you know I am NOT doing easy on you buddy I’m not going on
what you’re not going easy on me for this I’m gonna put major pressure on
Jimmy G I hope that’s not what 49ers bring at the Super Bowl so remember to
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we got a Madden series going and next week we’re gonna be proof we’re gonna be
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that’s Cowboys vs. the G hey the case city universe dad City little flash our
characters are on are in the Super Bowl so we’re gonna be playing that no I’m
not gonna tell you when I’m running nuts oh nice okay I got the pressure on you
this time his strategy is to run slants for every single play it is you just
admit it just admit it you run slants on average and make some difficult catches to mention I hope Hitchens is good all
right this is cover one home I’m doing cover one whole defense 13 2013 you run
in the fake you may not be running fake you’ll never make no you did not it came up short
okay total freedom I’m the offensive Nick bozo so who are
you picking in the Super Bowl buddy 49ers this look at this what happens
what happened I didn’t do that didn’t do nothing there we go that was complete and he
slapped me in the book why do you do that you see that catch right am i right
KITT no one to know you didn’t have at least a fumble and what’s this watch
Alexander combine he slapped me in the boob what’s this huh
let me see if I see that right get out of here not bad not bad this could be a sign of
what’s to come for the actual Super Bowl a sophisticate low-scoring what do you
think on our channel there you go we gotta get this thing going somebody’s
got to get some offense going if I can get you stopped on this one I’ve got a
major chance of score here nice nice sorry pal just have a seat anywhere that
is screaming for a pass I think they tried to outguess him there with the
running play they didn’t pull up at all went in the wrong direction you’re not
used to kicking I’m usually more kicking in our games
away Oh what you yelling for is that help you Anu yell yeah taking pictures
quit it put your cameras away here we go guy get this thing going there we go
finally got pass off goodness alright here we go ready there we go
got a no brains buck for me but for me nice now we got it now we got it
don’t pass to the corner of the end zone just giving you a heads up there wonderful that’s amazing defense this a
heads up play kids see em tick let’s watch it coming across look at that he
had already passed the zone we reach back nice play three minutes left in the
second quarter yeah got that ourselves got the first to
hang first down is what I almost got it I’m powered through this line I’m
powering through this line so hard oh look how wide open he is oh he turned
around what is the matter with you I should have thrown it to the Tynan
back there he had two people clip wait a minute he caught it hit him right in the
fingers look look actually see the guy behind him he’s trying to catch it and
42 just got in the way oh no what a disaster oh yes touch it
celebrate he wants a replay so we’re gonna see how this works that’s how you
catch it one hand wine sticky fingers one two three four five six seven and
then he let see come on come on man come on man oh it doesn’t show him
disappearing into the wall though that city’s winning Kent city’s winning okay
it’s been upheld for good maybe they saw what you saw I just wanna
make sure I feel good about this but I’m sorry it’s okay I know I’m not offended
I’m not offended it’s it’s my kicker it’s okay always trying to take it out
he caught everybody off guard it’s going back it’s going back any kind
of he just grabbed my controller and tried the penalty you deserve this so
much be cheatin every ready Christian McCaffrey is listed twice is that a
mistake no we got there we go yeah get Williams look I got
you popped right up there we go yes wide open no no snowman no sir no sir wide open again now I’m calling timeout
you better not touch my controller anymore tonight that’s it you’re gonna
run the clock down why’d you give it a gift what the Chiefs are gonna be a
little smarter than I am good job yeah you got 9 seconds to do a
lot of work here he’ll marry I’ve got my guys in prevent defense are you we got the halftime report we
are at the Super Bowl this is our case City Super Bowl prediction match dad
versus son we’re seeing highlights but remember to subscribe to Cait City game
before we get back into the second half we do all kinds of sports action squib
kicks do nothing oh hey lucky come on that’s the guy that’s the guy in pins oh
that just dropped it what a play good job buddy
I’m right here you don’t have to yell on let’s see what happened to his butt
right there I saw it snap okay so did it get hit yeah I grabbed it right there
peachy peachy I pinched it right there got him down and he’s going for two is
good choice brave of you to run your back up for a two-point conversion I’m
gonna try what you did I’m gonna run it out that did not go well for me he’s given good lord we’re saver Bunny why is everybody lined
up on the right to the left make your selection pretty good ain’t your doggy’s
look at all his backs I’ve got back there he said not today son Oh beautiful yeah
how offended he is please cuz it says how many yards are averages around yeah
average yards allowed and you’re going off of that scramble scramble scramble defense coverage Auto Club did you do
that here we go here we go first down baby first down
I’m like where’s the ball that is a completion if I’ve ever seen
one look if the book came out that the phone did come out what I’ll get no
control the ball was just like oh look at this guy just falling all over me
he’s not even tackling me it just got dead arms all over now I’m playing more
we’re almost bill position how much time you know exactly what top of odd people
somebody gets the ball all right so 12 the 10 it’s not a terrible
situation I can still or butt shots didn’t happen on that boy Oh missed him get him somebody
we got stop these guys my talk at half time didn’t help I guess why Iowa one
more quarter to find out who our Super Bowl prediction winner is exciting story
excited yeah so he thinks the the 49ers are gonna win and I tend to think the
Chiefs are going win in real life we’re talking about Super Bowl nice excuse you
can you say excuse me all right what come back third touchdown of the
Super Bowl you scored every time with him I got it working my run defense do
not represent the Chiefs well that’s for sure that’s the second woman you miss I’m taking I’m taking it my Holmes is
taking it this is so frustrating yes go go ahead don’t you see that’s what you
get for goofing use go let me go girl let me win the game yes no no would you get your play going
before t2 is it come up sec alright someone stop it some it’s done it’s done this is so frustrating man nothing is
working I got this I got it yes get off of me
boy get all right 18 the 10 Kansas City’s driving and we’re gonna bout to
see if I’m able to make this thing happen under two minutes becomes first
down so there’s a touchdown oh that’s
uncoordinated let’s dance who else what are we doing what are we
doing all over the place look at this whoa first of all I don’t
know why they’re in each other’s way it hits this guy’s helmet helmet bounces
his back the two Stooges running into each other
rolled off of his shoulder oh man who’s he waving at you ready you better
be going wrong way man know what I’m getting it down where I need it to the
touchdown here’s bucer gonna kick it away and I’m using my
timeouts that’s fielded in the end zone there we
go there we go only four seconds off the clock rings
good shape they stay get em yes pick up their time
out for cows because you’ve gotta kick it now okay look at my face I’m not
gonna look at it close your eyes why would you want me to close my eyes
on a punt okay now you can open them I’m believing you I don’t I don’t trust you
anyway for the second time I don’t trust you you crazy nut winning this game on a better go you better pick a play Mary
pick a boy before the cook butts down our prediction is the San Francisco
49ers are going to win by two points 18 to 16 chiefs are going down on Super
Bowl Sunday alright everybody thanks for watching our Super Bowl prediction on
case of the game and remember we have all the best sports gaming action here
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we are going to be playing that the Dallas Cowboys our Super Bowl if you
want to catch up on that Super Bowl season we’ll give you like right up here
alright we’ll see you next time congratulations buddy 49ers good call
we’ll see if we’re right ok bye bye