Hi there how’s it going?This is The RPG Guy AKA Travis in real life! And today I have 10 tips for GMing! Now these are just a quick set of tips that you can use for any type of Role Playing Game! Whether that’s D&D, GURPS, if you’re old school Paladium go for it! The tips work for anything. So, my first tip is going to be to Set The Tone of your game. So, if you’re in a medieval type setting, you want to make sure to set the tone of your game to match how you want the players to feel. Tip number two is to create an outline! That’s right. If it takes you 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, an hour, 2 hours, 2 days a week, whatever… you should probably create an outline. Introduce your game! That’s not a tip, but I just made that tip number 3. Make sure to introduce your game. This goes into your outline. Ok, tip number 4 is Don’t get Married to your Outline. What does that mean? You need to have some sort of flexibility. Just because you created an outline and it took you a freakin’ year to do that. How do you say? How do we say? Your game shouldn’t have to be entirely too ridiculuosly detailed. To the point where you can’t veer off a bit. Next tip, what you say goes! You’re the king of this castle. And it’s good to be the king. It’s dag on good to be the king! Because you create the rules, the rules don’t create you. Ok, tip #… the next one, I don’t know what number we’re on right now. You want to control the difficulty of your game and make sure it’s not too insanely difficult and make sure it’s not too insanely easy. In fact, I want to know if you’ve had any experiences – let me know – in the comments – of your hardest… rediculously hard game and your easiest game. Let me know. Next tip is… You don’t need to know all the rules. Just know where to find them. Know enough of the rules but more importantly know how to GTS. Know how to Google that Sh*t. Now this kinda goes into a tip that I’ve sprinkled in. Which is use your entire repertoire. Repertoire. Make sure that you’re using all of your strengths. If you can draw… well You should have some really amazing maps. Which goes into my next tip! Which is Use Visual Aids! My Next tip is… This is an advanced… some would say.. This is an advanced tip, because it does require a bit of pre-planning and a bit of thinking on your toes. What am I talking about? Using music. Creating a mood. Your tone… Tip number 1. Can be achieved by using Music! And my final tip of the day… is to use Surprise to Your Advantage! Usually you want to use this when you’re about to have a huge encounter… or a big scene that you have planned. So, that’s it! 10 tips… some would say 11… since I did sneak one in there. For… any kind of role playing game out there. Now, if you like this video, I’m going to kindly ask you to please click Like. Please leave us a comment. And please Subscribe. If you have not subscribed, just to let you know, here at TIMORUM Gamers we do not just do role playing games. We also do video games, board games, and all sorts of stinkin’ stuff! Oh! By the way… Get your geek on!