What the hell how to die Piece of shit hacker, right You were just hacking one you Just met it you were hacking admit it you were hacking just said make that you were hacking. I wasn’t it was skill Let’s go be jealous of my skill man. What was that? What was that? You shot that person without looking it was pure skill You’re a heck just admit it good shot Ironside you and I both know that you’re just honestly a so honesty Just admit it. No. No, I’m not hacking. I’m not hacking. You’re hacker admit it What was that two shots while looking at me two shots double headshot. This is where all your a hecka Admit it. Not just admit it. No admit. You’re a heck about helmet. You’re an okay admit. You’re a Hecker admit. You’re a heck Okay, okay Jesus yeah, I’m hacking. So what? Why Why not? I’ll tell you why not because it’s ruining the game for everyone else. No, no this Normally is it is no ruining the game? Imagine if it was you coming into it, but I don’t learning for half an hour and then Ben Heck a head shot It sucks. Do you get any satisfaction from it? I bet you’re going to you. I mean you lie to your friend No, I’m not gonna just how many amazing kills you got how many a headshot you’ve got You’re flying – you’ve know you know I could be you’re lying to your friends and you think you’re trying to convince your friends that you don’t actually I don’t I don’t Know just bullshit. I don’t have any friends to tell Okay. Okay. I don’t have any. All right. I don’t have any friends. That’s why I started hacking in the first place Okay, so I always had to join by myself, you know join random squads, and I’m really bad at it. Okay I really really suck at this game and I’ll die first every time and I wouldn’t get any kills and I would just feel like such a Loser and people make fun of me over the voice jet all the time. It was just sick of it So yeah I started hacking so I could win so he gets him killed so I could feel good at something for the first time in my life Okay Man I’m sorry. No No I’m sorry, hon. I know it’s sites. I just got so sick of it You know, I got so sick of losing and look I get it. This game can be rough like the highs are high But the lows are just so low like I know what it’s like If you want, you know, I can give you some tips. You can squat up with me and my mates what really? Yeah, man Well, thanks man, it really means a lot What the hell Peso