– Hello, welcome to This Is. Today Jimmy, we have some weird Chinese emulators. – Yes we do. So, I’ve
been trying to get into this game for a little while
now, and the very first one that I’ve actually bought was this. – So you bought this with your own money. – Yes. – Ken could learn a thing or two from you. – Right, it’s bad. So you could get these
emulators from anywhere you could get ’em. This one’s called the PocketGo,
it’s made by Retromimi, – How much is this? – This one is only $40
which is why it’s the main, this is the one that people go for when they look for emulators. It comes shipped with ROM’s on it. It has it’s own emulators. – They ship it with ROM’s? – Yes, they ship it with
a lot of good ROM’s, like, I don’t want to say which,
but if you want a game for Super Nintendo, NES,
Game Boy Advance, Game Boy, it’s probably on there already. – Okay. – The issue is, the first
one I ordered never came. – Wait, you spent $40 and
it just never showed up? – Yeah, so it was like a whole ordeal. They’re already shipping
the first one from China, I bought it directly from Retromimi. – Right. – And, it gives you a
tracking number and everything like that, but customs just
decided that it was theirs. – It’s almost nefarious. – Right, it was very nefarious,
so I hit up Retromimi and they were like, “it
made it to customs”, like, “our hands our clean”,
and I was like, “okay.” They’re on Amazon now, Prime – [Austin] So just buy them on Amazon? – [Jimmy] Right, buy it on
Prime, it’s also cheaper, it’s $35, I literally got it the next day. This one is entry level
for a reason, it does look, I think the best out of
all the different options you can get. – [Austin] Okay, so we
have Amiga, Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, NES, and– – There’s multiple emulators
for some of them because out of the box, this one needs an update, they all need updates out of the box. Which is not easy to do. – I’m assuming you just
load it up on the MicroSD? – Yes, but you have to flash
it. So there are multiple programs involved. – There’s one website
where you get them all, it’s a very simple download,
and once you watch, there’s one YouTuber who’s really good, and once you watch his
videos, it’s pretty simple for all of them, but I had to do that, and that wipes all of the ROM’s off of it, so this one, not working too great. (laughs) – I’m feeling great right now. – Try the old power off, power on trick. – Yeah, the good old classic. – You’ll see why I dumped
this one pretty quick. I used it for about a day,
and was like, cool concept, pretty bad execution. – I mean, for 35 bucks, if it
plays games somewhat decently, I do like the size of this. – Yes. – Like, I don’t want something huge– – It looks like a Nintendo,
like it’s kind of a good mix between Super Nintendo and Game Boy. We’ve got Super Mario World. One of the best games ever made. And one of the best title screens ever. – [Austin] Oh dude, this
screen is actually really nice. – [Jimmy] Right, it’s sized right. It’s got a decent
resolution for that size, it’s 2.4 inches, it’s 320×240. – I mean, it’s a Game Boy sized screen, but it’s an actual LCD, like an– I mean, it looks IPS, it’s nice and sharp. So this will not do
like, PlayStation games. – It has the ability to
do PlayStation games, they just don’t work right. Like they’re very choppy,
very low framerate, it’s not worth it.
– Got it. – And that’s kind of what
made me start investigating other options which we will look at soon. – [Austin] I’m not gonna
lie, I feel like I’m dropping frames right now. – [Jimmy] Yeah, Super
Nintendo drops a few frames, Game Boy Advance ironically
is the one that runs best if you can get the games to start. And the sound’s a little off, I can tell, having played this game
thousands of times. It sounds a little off, it’s okay. It’s a very okay experience. – [Ken] For the size of that
screen, it looks really sharp. – It is incredibly sharp,
so that’s one of the things that I’ll definitely give this, is that it’s a nice small console, but the screen, especially when you say $35,
the screen is way better than I would expect, far better than any kind of Game Boy
that you would be able to get, maybe some slight technical
difficulties with it working and running smoothly, but, I heard that you have another
console for me to try. – Yeah. That, this one for
sure though, you can get working right, I just gave
up on it really quickly ’cause it wasn’t doing
what I wanted it to do. – At 35 bucks, I’ll put
some time into getting this thing sort of, you know, settled, and properly sorted correctly, okay. – So but the cream of
the crop, the next one we’ve got to look at, this
is the Anbernic RG350. – [Austin] This is the same
thing that we looked at on Mystery Tech. – [Jimmy] Right. – [Austin] Although, this
one, it’s a black and orange. – [Jimmy] Yeah, this is the default color. – [Austin] Okay, I like
it, it’s– did you get it because it’s Halloween colors? – Yeah, yeah, it’s the default
color though, so you know. – [Austin] Oh, those sticks feel good. – [Jimmy] Yes. It has dual analog sticks, it has a glass screen. – [Austin] USB-C and
HDMI, this guy only has like a little AV like
headphone styled jack for RCA. – The HDMI is not active. It just doesn’t do anything. It works, theoretically, like
the hardware level it works, but they haven’t activated it yet. There is a very good community
of homebrews for this device. Again, you have to flash
the software or firmware to the device, but this one
uses an internal SD card for it’s firmware, and
an external one for ROMS. The built in emulators
for this device run great, they’re optimized super
well, the screen looks great. And, the biggest draw for a lot of people besides the fact that it has two triggers, or four triggers in total
and dual analog sticks, is the fact that it can run
PS1 games almost perfectly. – There we go, so that’s the thing, so, I have wanted, since they really
made the first NES classic, I’ve wanted a Game Boy Classic. – I would love something like that. And this seems like the
closest to really giving me that full experience that
also can run PlayStation games ’cause realistically, if
I’m running an emulator, I’m running PlayStation 1 games, and I’m running Game Boy
and Game Boy Advance games. – [Jimmy] Yes, so this
is the same resolution as the PocketGo, it’s
just a little bit bigger. This one, I genuinely
love. I play it a lot. – [Austin] So yeah, so this is the custom, or is this the PS1 Doom? No, this is Game Boy Advance
SP, or Game Boy Advance Doom. It actually runs surprisingly smoothly, like that looks like 60FPS,
or at least close to it. – [Jimmy] I’ve done a lot
of testing on this thing, all the emulators have the ability to put the frame-rate on screen, it’s
60 locked, 99% of the time. The only emulator it doesn’t
really work well with, though, is N64. – N64 is tough. All right, what else do
we have, so how do I exit? – [Jimmy] Uh, there’s… – [Austin] Is there a reset button? – [Jimmy] Did you hit the,
like tap the power button? If you want it, so, you
can reset the whole console with reset, that’s kind of
an inelegant way to do it, all of the emulators if you
just tap the power button, you can quit them through
the emulator menu. It’s really good about
once you’re in an emulator you can go through the whole
file structure of the device, so even if you accidentally saved Metal Gear Solid 1 in your
Game Boy Advance folder, you can go find it, and execute it that way.
– [Austin] That’s cool. I will say, the screen actually seems to be a little low
quality than on this guy. – Right, ’cause they’re
the same resolution. – [Austin] It’s bigger, and also seems a little less contrast. Like this one, I felt like
got a little bit brighter, it was a little more contrasted, this seems like a little more
of– how much is this guy? – Oh yeah, we didn’t talk about that. This one’s a little steeper,
it’s about 100 bucks. 70 bucks if you want to order
it from China, to be fair, 100 bucks prime shipping on Amazon. For what you get here though,
a device that can play all Game Boy Advance
games, all Game Boy Color, anything you really want except N64, it’s, I feel like worth it. Another option for
running PS1 games, though, is the PS Vita, I brought mine in. I had Metal Gear Solid on
it, it’s a very tough process to get Metal Gear Solid on this thing, you actually have to have a PS3, you need the PS1 Classic on your PS3. – Wait, wait, sorry
hang on, say that again? You have to, so you load
it up from the PS3 side, and transfer it to Vita? Just for Metal Gear Solid 1. Also, PS Vita, as good as it
is for emulating PSP and PS1, doesn’t have any of the
Crash Bandicoot games or any of the Tony Hawk games. – And the other thing with the
Vita is that if you have one, obviously great, but you
can’t get these things cheap anymore, they’re actually
fairly expensive, right? – To get a Vita 2 used,
it’s about the same price. 100 bucks.
– [Austin] Oh, okay. – And you usually get
a memory card with it, again, doesn’t use an SD Card. Since you’re a specs guy, real quick, this one has 500 megahertz
about a single core CPU – Oh, so that’s why it can only run like SNES kind of poorly. – And it has 32 megabytes of RAM – Megabytes? – (laughs) Yeah. – Okay, 35 bucks, 35 bucks though. Okay. – You pay 100, you get a 1
gigahertz dual core processor. – [Austin] Which is why
you can play Super Nintendo as well as PlayStation
and everything. Okay. – And you get a half a gig of RAM, 512. – Perfectly reasonable. – Well, yeah. For 100 bucks, and the build quality on it, it’s
plastic, which kind of sucks. – [Austin] So I guess sort
of it comes down to me to two choices. If you
wanna just save some money, if you wanna just kinda get into this, especially if you’re not really sure that you’re going to want
to spend a ton of time, the PocketGo seems like a
perfectly reasonable option. You’re not going to be able
to play the higher-end games, it’s more of a Game Boy
emulator, the Super Nintendo, it was running a little choppy. – Super Nintendo is not, that’s
not the one to get it for. Game Boy Advance ironically
runs the best on that device, unfortunately it’s hard to get running, which is another downside I think, you have to install custom firmware, you gotta go find the ROM’s
yourself at that point, and sometimes they don’t work, but once you get into a
Game Boy Advance game, that one runs them the best, and that was the whole
reason I initially bought it. – Well you’re saving some
money, and you spend a little bit of time in exchange. Where as with the Ambernic,
you’re getting something which is more powerful, obviously bigger, little bit more bulky, but it
has a lot more functionality, you’ve got USB-C which I’m a big fan of. And, you also have something which to me, is a much more well rounded
package at nearly $100 depending on where you get it. – You got a pocket PS1 and
a pocket Game Boy Advance that runs both versions perfectly, you can’t get that on
a lot of other devices. The community around
these things is massive, especially with the RG350,
the technology evolves really quick, like the
PocketGo 2 right now is the one everyone wants, but no one wants to order it directly from China, so
everyone is just kinda waiting for it to show up on Amazon, but there is a huge
community of people in China who are making these things themselves, they’re using a lot of
Android phone parts, so I feel like in the future,
you’re gonna be seeing a lot more Android devices
instead of straight Linux. – If you’re recycling
an old Android phone, especially if it has a
busted screen or something you’re pulling out the beam board, you have a lot more power available because even something like
this which is pretty good for an emulator, is
nowhere near as powerful as a modern phone, such as the Galaxy Z Flip, which
I just so hopefully have provided here, look at that wonderful– – [Jimmy] You already have
it running, that’s awesome. It’s so cool. (video game music) – So Austin’s got his
pocket Game Boy Advance SP. – Sorry, can’t hear you over Pokémon. C’mon, look how cool that is! – The thing that I lose
with this is buttons, I know, I know
– [Austin] Fine, try it. So in no way am I recommending
spending $1400 on a Z Flip, but I have one, and I
put a Game Boy Emulator, and it feels exactly like
a Game Boy Advance SP. – [Jimmy] It does, it feels really good. So you’ve got Haptic Feedback
set up on the buttons, which, if you’re gonna
use touch screen buttons, that’s the way to do it. Yeah, for your phone, getting this set up, I feel like would be pretty easy. The difference is, if you get an Android emulator from China, people are taking the
buttons from PS Vitas, and putting those in there
so you got the triggers, you’ve got the analog sticks. And I’ve seen some of them,
they just look like this, like a Vita shape, but
they have a earpiece here and a microphone here so you can call, they have dual SIM slots, so
you can use them like a phone – You need me a photo of
that, I can’t even ima– – It’s ridiculous dude, and
it’s all really a couple guys who are making these things, they’re like “this is my new device,” and everyone kinda flocks to it in China. There’s one of these you
can get that’s all Aluminum, the Anbernic RG350.
– That’s so cool. So, essentially what these
guys are doing, is essentially they’re recycling, right? – Yes
– So you’re taking old phones that might just be tossed, you’re pulling parts out of that, you’re maybe taking old
Vitas that might be tossed, pulling buttons and stuff out of it, and you’re combining
it into a new emulator. You know what, we’re
saving the environment one emulation station at a time. Anyway, thank you very much for watching this episode of This Is,
make sure to subscribe, you also should go
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this at all on his channel but he probably should. (laughs) – You just switch my whole channel? – Yeah. – You know, no more Halloween movie stuff, no more horror movies,
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that kind of run games well. – No one likes movies Jimmy,
everyone likes gaming. – [Jimmy] I mean, that’s true.