Hi everyone to Tony TV On the weekend, I took the children to the park to film There was nothing to play there I know this park is fun, called Doremon That park is very far away, so take a taxi for quick You guys take a taxi, I take this car I don’t know if the girl likes it, but you will be scolded by many Yes, my parents hate it My team got in a taxi I first knew about Doremon Park We went to the playground 25,000VND swimming pool, 20,000VND ball house I’m in the ball house ball world dip strong Ignoring you guys, I play boxing Mr. Vinh, your biceps compared to me? Your biceps are equal to me? This Batman is very powerful As powerful as me? This pool is very clean Have a dog? I salute him, bro. Give me permission to swim very happy slip down There are games and pool in this park Now we will host the game There are floats here, so hold a swim competition on them We started from there and swam over here swimming like this is good The contest is divided into 2 batches each consisting of 4 contestants the first exam including: Phuc, Tam, Ngoc and Vu Thanh The starting point is here and the ending point is the slide swimming like this is very difficult I sat very sore butt one, two, three, begin Who will be the first to finish? Tam is very good Tam is showing signs of tiredness Tam first place, Phuc second place These two contestants are on a picnic This buoy is very heavy It’s the turn of Thanh to show off once I took action everything would be okay Everyone already knows I will lose You are so fat, you cannot swim second contest one two swim fighting a swimmer backwards swimming but swim very fast Tieu Cuong is stuck Come on, don’t give up Thanh is passing Tieu Cuong fighting Hung came in first place Thanh in second place Tam and Hung are the two contestants winning the first place in the last 2 rounds And now I find the fastest swimming winner Black Tam, you are not my opponent one two three, begin Tam is in the first position, using the dog scratch skill and Hung is using the picnic duck skill Tam, fighting and Tam are far from Hung Tam is about to finish yeah you don’t worry about diving but Hello If you’re good, you scuba dive with me I’m not afraid of you begin See who dives farther Thanh lost, fighting Tieu Cuong How do you feel? I am currently holding a giant ball I will organize a game of handball Who is your team? Me, Phuc, Ngoc and Vu Thanh The remaining four members are with Dai Who is your team? Tieu Cuong, Tam Black and Hung What is the rules of this game? First, the two captains rock-paper-and-paper Next, hit the ball on people, then he will lose For example: now I will throw Dai This ball is big but it doesn’t hurt Let me try this ball, does it hurt? Are you hurt? This ball contains air so it does not hurt Two teams chose the captain and then rock-paper-scissors You have a chain, so we let you be the captain Dai, your belly is the biggest so we make you captain I thought your belly was the ball rock-paper-scissors yeah, my team took the ball first Black guy is useless, you always lose Take my ball Why is this ball so heavy? I throw hit I had not yet played, I lost Ngoc, you rest in peace, let me avenge you I have not died…Rest in peace? Haha….You are so bad, you didn’t hit It’s Hung’s turn Who should I throw? black guy There is a ball that can not be thrown Black Guy, handle Hung first yeah It’s dangerous, Hung died Ignore it, I don’t need it Thanh, my hatred and you come here is the end Thanh don’t be sad, let me destroy Cuong to avenge you Let me see if you hit me? Tieu Cuong do not despise the opponent I told you not to look down on your opponent Tam, handle it You are disqualified because you throw a jury Haha….Dai, your teammates are so smart Only you alone, you will lose stop dead, the situation is not good Brothers, I will follow you Yeah……Don’t hit me, just hit the float Now It’s my turn I lose Why is this fat boy so good at throwing? yeah Just now is your last chance And now I will destroy you My team loses My video here is the end If everyone finds this video good, please give 1 like and 1 share Remember to subscribe to the channel and every time I release a new video, the comment function is turned off however in every video I post on the community tab In the community tab, people can comment Everyone has a good idea, please comment My team feels good, we’ll do it Ok, good bye and see you later ^_^