10. Ori And The Blind Forest
A Microsoft Exclusive might be the right way to start this list. Moon Studios’ platformer
balances emotional storytelling with impressive visual design. Ori and the Blind Forest puts
you into the life of a fledgling forest guardian and a spirit trying to navigate their way
around a magical forest and save it. There’s an almost therapeutic feel every
time you dip into its atmospheric 2D world. Despite its short game-time, it received generally
favorable reviews from various gaming sources, mainly in its mesmerizing backdrops and rewarding
Metroidvania gameplay. Navigating around highly detailed levels and
fending off enemies using a plethora of abilities isn’t really something new in the genre,
but its overarching themes of love and friendship is something worth remembering in a game like
this. Its sequel, Ori and the Will of the Wisps is sure to bring more flavor and wonder
into this fascinating world soon. It receives a playscore of a 9.19 9. Mass Effect 2
Before Andromeda’s massive letdown, there was the epic space trilogy that earned its
respect to all gamers in the world. The Mass Effect saga was the space-opera that combines
a universal scale story with relatable characters that, to this day, we will never forget. The Galaxy needs Commander Shepard in his/her
quest to prevent the extinction of the human race from the impending Reaper invasion. On
the surface, it feels like a textbook sci-fi story, but underneath its layers lies a complex
set of themes from politics to the good ol’ existential dread. Mass Effect 2 is the strongest entry in the
trilogy. It was the moment fans knew what BioWare was capable of. It brought together
an ensemble of memorable characters in a literal ‘Suicide Mission’ that made us emotional
no matter the outcome. It’s a true space action RPG and it receives
a playscore of 9.22 8. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
There’s absolutely no forgetting Bethesda’s crowning jewel. Skyrim’s biggest achievement
was it came ahead of its time. If Mass Effect was the top of Space RPGs, Skyrim is its medieval
counterpart. It was the open-world adventure we never knew we needed and it gave birth
to a slew of other epic medieval-themed games with the same formula. Basically, you’re the Dragonborn. Their
own version of a Jedi. It comes with the ability to scream and push people away. But being
the chosen one isn’t just the best thing about Skyrim, it’s the open-ended quest
you have that makes it special. Do you want to be an asshole and ruin people’s lives?
Or be the hero that everyone needs up until you accidentally kill a chicken? The possibilities
are endless in this massive title, and we’re not even getting started with the mods. It has a playscore of 9.23 7. Stardew Valley
PC’s surprising indie title took hours of our time away when it came out. Developed
by ConcernedApe, Stardew Valley is an essential game for those who want to take a break from
all the online games we suck at. It’s time to put down that gun and grab a shovel to
cultivate some crops and breed some farm animals. For a game about time management, it consumed
most of our day to day activities with its insane amount of things to do. It takes inspiration
from the notable life simulator titles like Harvest Moon and integrates their own indie
signature with little to no issues at all. What makes Stardew Valley great is in its
mundane moments. Waking up and getting ready for the day varies among all other players.
You’re either spending the rest of your day fishing or giving gifts to your favorite
person. Making relationships is as enjoyable as exploring its peaceful town full of memorable
moments. It receives a playscore of 9.23 6. Disco Elysium
2019 was a great year for gaming but the PC’s standout title of last year was an open-world
RPG set in a bleak future. Like any other great games out there, ZA/UM’s’
Disco Elysium was mostly praised for its well-written story. As a detective with a knack for mystery,
you partake in the myriad of activities in its broken world, which includes puzzle solving
and managing your abilities. Talking to people to fuel your investigation not only gives
you solutions but more problems in its impressive take on the pen and paper format. As an RPG game, you take matters into your
own hands. Especially with its revolutionary dialogue system. The degree of freedom in
each of its well-crafted missions takes you hours and hours of groundbreaking storytelling. It has a playscore of 9.26 5. Bioshock Infinite
Irrational’s award-winning first-person-shooter blew our minds when it came out in 2013. Booker
and Elizabeth’s story was also a standout title early in the last decade. It was plot
twists after plot twists that we had to resort to watching YouTube videos for some lingering
questions. Exploring the beautiful city of Colombia wasn’t
as magical as our first dip into Rapture, but it still presents us with some shocking
surprises and a bit of politics in between. Its first-person shooter combat was faster
and more fluid compared to the previous entries. The ability to use special abilities using
Vigors was akin to Rapture’s Plasmids, but it doesn’t really add anything to the table.
Elizabeth’s AI, however, was the combat’s greatest addition. Her helping you out in
tight situations is really, really handy. Infinite receives a 9.27 4. Undertale
The last decade was also a time of experimentation. Many variations of the RPG have come and go
but Tobyfox’s unique take on the genre gave birth to a massive fanbase and a ton of fan-made
titles. Not to mention its snazzy soundtrack keeps our determination pumping. Think of Undertale as a ‘weirder’ version
of Lewis Carol’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’. Play as a young kid trapped in a strange underground
world where monsters are either friend or foe. What makes Undertale different from other
RPGs is that doesn’t follow a formula. It’s unconventional. Each encounter in its turn-based
combat grants you choices to either spare or kill a character. It’s in these unique moments where Undertale
shines. Simply showing mercy or taking them down is not an easy task. Each character in
the game has its own set of dialogue, weaknesses, and strengths and these choices will greatly
affect the game’s world and its ending. A playscore of 9.30 3. The Witcher III: Wild Hunt
No Law of Surprise needed here. CD Projekt Red’s critically acclaimed third entry of
their own take on Sapkowski’s dark fantasy series is different from Netflix’s recent
adaptation. Set years after the books, Geralt of Rivia’s adventure is up for the player
to decide. The Wild Hunt is a master-crafted fantasy
RPG that could even go face to face with Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls franchise. Its massive open-world
is home to many evils and its interesting amount of side-quests rivals that of the main
story. The game’s huge amount of praise is justified,
even after its two massive DLCs that could pass as a new game on its own. Don’t even
get us started with Gwent. It’s easily the strongest of the trilogy and one of the best
PC games of the last decade. A playscore of 9.35 2. Divinity: Original Sin II
Larian Studios follows up the success of their first game with this prodigious sequel. Already
making a name for themselves thanks to their deep customizations and highly interactive
environments, this second installment takes all that to a whole new level of immersion. Bringing the spirit of pen and paper RPGs
to the videogame world, Divinity Original Sin II is an outstanding piece of emergent
gameplay. Each interaction gives you more room for experimentation and other ‘crazy’
ideas. It’s a game played better with friends.
Gather your buddies and role-play your way in Divinity’s fully-realized world with
intriguing mysteries and complex characters stories. It receives a playscore of 9.37 1. Portal 2
Valve is known to redefine the way we see videogames. Half-Life 3 is but a century away
and the dream of three is still non-existent in Gaben’s world. Portal was a game-changer
in the PC scene as it introduced an innovative way of combining good storytelling with seamless
puzzle-solving using the power of physics. Sure, the original game was great, but its
sequel was ten times better. Especially with the return of the sociopathic robot GLaDOS
and let’s not forget the joy of using the Portal Gun to mess with science. Portal 2’s success is what kicked off the
start of the previous decade. It received universal acclaim for its physics-based gameplay,
witty humor and solid voice acting. To this day, Portal 2 is still hailed as one of the
greatest games of all time and we see no lie to that. It receives a playscore of 9.50