While 2019 may have been a year filled
of questionable moments, once again we’ve proven right here on this channel
there’s been many insane video game discoveries out there that the world has
never seen before. “Hey! Look at us.” “Look at us!” “Huh!”
“Who would have thought?” “Not me!” This is why today I’m gonna be diving into the Top 10 Mysteries and
Discoveries of 2019, that all deserve their own special Oddie for best
discovery of the year. Code Vein. In definitely one of the most unusual
discoveries of the year, shortly after Bandai Namco Studios new RPG franchise
Code Vein was released back in August dataminers found in the files of the
game a number of unusual audio files that couldn’t be found anywhere else in
the game, that appeared to be characters from the game raving on and on about a
pizza chain that sounded suspiciously similar to Domino’s Pizza. “I suggest
trying the filo crust, biting through all those layers is really satisfying!” “And
they still managed to turn a profit! All this talking is making me hungry! Let’s
dig in, shall we?” Although the pizza chain is never
actually mentioned by name, some eagle-eyed players pointed out that a Domino’s
sign could be found in one of the game’s original screenshots, that didn’t
actually appear in the final game… Perhaps suggesting this was some sort of
really awkward cut cross-promotion! “That aroma!” “I’ve never smelled anything so tasty. My
stomach is growling! This world is full of surprises!” Unfortunately, the games
developers and Domino’s Pizza have both refused to give an answer on the matter…
but what really makes this one of the biggest mysteries of the year for me is
when I saw THIS in an episode of Silicon Valley a couple weeks ago! “Turn
on the microphone.. How are you doing Richard?” Are you hungry? Would you like some pizza?” “Crazy right? Domino’s Pizza? In a fantasy medieval universe.” “What the [bleep]?” What the [bleep] indeed!
It’s almost like Domino’s pulled their ad campaign from Code Vein and went with
Silicon Valley instead. Well, I gotta give em them this was probably a way less
awkward cross-promotion than whatever the hell this was supposed to be… “I’m looking forward to this!” “Especially that crust! Fluffy.. Chewy.. dig
in while it’s still piping hot!” “You can see the soul of an uncompromising
artisan in this pizza.” Really? Call of Duty Black Ops 3. Since 2015 Jason Blundell has been touting the Call of Duty Black Ops 3 map
Shadows of Evil as having a hidden easter egg on it that players still
haven’t found in this day. And to the disappointment of all those who’ve been
hunting for all of these years, late last year a disgruntled developer revealed on Reddit, among a lot of other things that he himself never
saw proof of the egg, suggesting that it was bull and while it’s still a mystery
whether or not that particular Easter Egg actually exists another discovery
was found in Call of Duty Black Ops 3 this year by redditor LackingAGoodName
– can’t argue with that – who after peaking at the scripts of the game noticed there
was a possible unfound easter egg on the Der Eisendrache map and found by allowing
all the zombies to break through the windows, then boarded each of the windows
up with two boards, bought the ARK5, boarded up the windows again two
more times bought the Sheiva, boarded up the windows one
more time, bought the RK5 again, and then ran out this door in five seconds
flat… Not sure how anyone was supposed to find
that… it reveals this never-before-seen very heartfelt Easter Egg that hasn’t
been found since the game came out four years ago! Great job LackingAGoodName,
this is definitely the most wholesome discovery of the year… now if we can only
find that Shadows of Evil Easter egg… Race with Ryan. Thanks to the many people
that recently submitted this fairly unsettling mystery to me on Twitter and
Reddit. Race with Ryan is a licensed game from the Ryan’s World empire. The YouTube
channel arguably responsible with the recent Child Protection Act push on
YouTube, as the channel sparked an investigation from the FTC for using potentially deceptive marketing practices to children… However,
I’m not sure that explains what dataminers found in the game as Tiniest
Turtles on Twitter discovered this disturbing texture of Ryan’s face that
could be found in the files of the game! Unfortunately the developer has refused
to comment on the matter, leaving us with only one question: why? This is definitely
one of the most [bleep]ed-up discoveries of the year. Red Dead Redemption 2. Since Red Dead Redemption 2’s PC release last month, dataminers have
uncovered some incredibly unexpected content hidden in the files of the game..
but none more baffling than the discovery in the files of character princess is Isabeau
Katharina Zeinsmeister, whose only actual known appearance in the game is on a
missing poster as a twelve-year-old girl and here they found what appeared to be
her adult form! Dataminers were able to determine the identity of Princess
Isabeau by the file name IKZ, as well as the matching description of birthmarks
on her face and arm. However, the question remains… where is Princess Isabeau
hiding and will she even be alive when we find her? Oh and they found this
monstrosity in the files no one’s ever seen before..
Oh god… what the hell is that thing? Supposedly this thing could also be
hiding somewhere in the game still unfound, perhaps in the murky unseeable
waters surrounding the game’s environment. But uh… maybe don’t find that one. If anyone
ends up finding the nest of these things out there you can count me the hell out. Borderlands. Back in June in my video Unsolved Mysteries Part III, I reported
on an unusual discovery found on my discord server uncovered by DaxMarco, where by
minimizing Borderlands during its startup a series of absolutely disturbing
moans could be heard meaning from the game application that
don’t occur anywhere else in the game! Well, since that videos release, Rewind
on my Discord server made a startling discovery when he pitched the audio up
two octaves and heard what appeared to be an animal whimpering. [animals crys] Rewind sent the audio through the contact form on the Gearbox website and rather
unbelievably, Randy Pitchford the head of Gearbox himself immediately replied!
Rewind’s original question was what the sound we were hearing was actually a
recording of and instead of getting a super direct answer on that, Pitchford
instead explained the recording was intended as an ambient creature cry and
that the windowed mode is likely indeed slowing down the sample rate, but
contended that he never heard of this mystery before… now we were all shocked
Randy Pitchford himself responded to this through the Gearbox contact form in
like ten minutes, it definitely gave many of us on my Discord server the
impression that Randy was maybe trying to distance himself from this one
as soon as he could, possibly to keep himself out of hot water… again. As that
would have been – what – the eighth time this year? But truly what else could the
actual source of this audio be and would minimizing the game actually create that
kind of sample change? I don’t know… I mean we’re only given a response as vague
as this what am I supposed to think? Considering we’ve seen at least have
some confirmation now that this audio is likely a slowed down version of this… I
have to say.. seriously what the [bleep]? This has to be the creepiest discovery of the
year. Spitfire. Many know the first and oldest easter egg from 1979’s Atari
classic Adventure, a legendary easter egg where if you take a single pixel all the
way back from the beginning of the game you’d find the game’s only developer
credit, prominently featured in the novel and recent Spielberg film Ready Player
One. “That’s why he created the first digitally easter egg…” Well I hate to break it to you
Ready Player One fans but that’s actually wrong and has been wrong for a
while, as an even older easter egg than that was discovered in 2017 on the
arcade game Starship 1, but no need to focus on that one for very long as RT-55J on selectbutton.net uncovered an easter egg when
looking through the code of an old game his own father worked on in 1977…
Spitfire for the Fairchild Channel F Channel F being a forgotten home console
from the 70’s. “The Fairchild Video Entertainment System. The home entertainment system that never gets old!” By disassembling the game, RT found on
the game mode select screen, by entering the code 343242124133231432142314 3221132342334111223324443 Whew! The name
Michael K Glass will appear for one single frame. Damn, all of that for that!
While I’m not sure if that was worth all of that effort, RT initially found
Spitfire’s release date was fairly hard to pin down, until he found an
advertisement stating the game’s release was set for April 1977, predating the
first public appearance of previous record-holder Starship 1 by only a few
months, solidifying the discovery as the oldest easter egg ever found at a
whopping 36 years! That said the first video game was made in 1950. Fingers
crossed, but I really hope one day we find an easter egg from the 60s or even
the 50s. a Apex legends. Late last month developers from Respawn mentioned during
a live stream, an Easter Egg remained to be found on the firing range map since
it debuted in September “And I will add one more thing, there is an easter egg.”
“That is true!” “And nobody’s found it.” “That is true.” “So challenge for everyone out there.” Immediately,
the Apex Community scoured the environment for any possible clues,
finding numerous discoveries out of bounds that even prompted the developer
to say he didn’t even know you could go out of bounds. The community finally
found that if they abandoned their weapons went into this cave, grappled up to this
platform, crouched, look straight down at the platform and then switched their
legend, the dummies on the firing range would come to life and attack you. Um..
Okay.. While Respawn did indeed confirm that discovery be the easter egg that they
wanted players to find, everything suddenly became way more confusing when
raineYK on Twitter discovered that by again abandoning all your weapons,
crouching in this spot and again changing your legend, the game would suddenly
shift from first-person view to a never-before-seen third-person view! A
discovery that completely changes the entire game! When Respawn was shown the
discovery on Reddit, THIS was their response… leaving many confused whether
or not the third-person mode was even one of the Easter eggs meant to be found,
especially considering everybody was ready to pack it in after the first
discovery was confirmed to be the Easter Egg, definitely making this one of the
more confusing Easter eggs I’ve seen in recent memory. Beavis and Butt-head: Virtual Stupidity. Late last year the Easter Egg Hunter – “Hey how’s it going!” –
released a video showcasing two previously undocumented easter eggs in
Beavis and Butt-head Virtual Stupidity that went undocumented for 23 years!
These finds encouraged youtuber Edward Beluha this year to search every screen
with a hot spot indicator with the ScummVm emulator and sure enough, he
managed to find another easter egg that went unfound for over two decades, as by
clicking on all four corners of this Veterans Hall sign, this bear suddenly
appears out of thin air… and this happens… “Um.. [snicker] I felt something but um.. I couldn’t like grab it!” [snicker] The object Beavis was holding is believed to be a cameo
appearance of an object from another Viacom published game, Zoop, which
considering this isn’t the only Viacom slam hidden in this game, sounds like
working at Viacom… sucked. [lots of noises] Futurama Okay so we have to get this one, in
September of this year I’ve released 7 Easter eggs That Were Never Found
in which me, The Easter Egg Hunter and Slippy Slides got together to confirm
that this giant Easter Egg floating out of bounds, likely had some sort of
solvable solution to it that we still hadn’t found in over 15 years, which
turns out was originally found by Larry Lemming on The Cutting Room Floor only
because of a bad emulator, the three of us were thrilled to find it lit up the
internet by storm, particularly on my discord server where
egg hunters spent three days straight trying to solve the mystery, until finally
extremely technical game reverse engineer JayFoxRox came into the discord and finished the solution. At that point he and the rest the community went
on to uncover that Futurama had many more easter eggs in the game that were
never found before… although the easter egg found referenced
in the code on level 5-1 was never deemed to actually be solvable, so we may
just have another easter egg on our hands that still needs cracking. Enough
talk, let’s look at this thing! Alright step one, break Leela’s locker… Pick up the key
card… Okay now we just got to pop our head in this boiler room for a second… ‘Kay, I think that’s enough. Come down the hall… Okay, so we got to break the fire
extinguisher glass without actually grabbing the fire extinguisher… shouldn’t
be too hard… Oh [bleep]. Okay.. we’re gonna have to do this again… Alright! There we go! Go in the room across the hall.. open this drawer and grab the cash… “Wow! This is that stuff
Bender is always stealing from me!” Move our way into the conference room…
we have to have exactly seven cash collectibles to make this work. Fortunately there’s four right on this table… Five… Six.. Seven… ‘Kay we got seven.. break the TV…
a very short sound will play annndd… Just as Slippy predicted there was a door here
after all! Beautifully revealing this easter egg that can finally be properly viewed in-game after all of these years! I hand
it off to James and Slippy who have some extra words for the community. A massive
thank you goes out to the community and everyone that contributed, thank you so
much for your amazing work and it’s crazy to think that so many people came
together to solve what I thought was originally just a totally random easter
egg floating out of bounds. Truly an EGGcellent find. And I totally agree with
you James it’s amazing work from all across the
globe and it just goes to show what an awesome community can do when working as
a team, to unveil this unsolved easter egg after 15 years! I’d just like to say
another huge thank you to you Odd for inviting me to be part of this mystery
and again congratulations to everyone involved in solving it now, after all
this effort, there’s only one thing left to do: let’s finally beat this easter egg
with a hammer! Almost brings a tear to my eye… Mario’s Early Years: Fun With Numbers. Now this is my personal favorite discovery of the year. Again, from my video 7
Easter Eggs That Were Never Found I detailed easter egg DillyDylan shared
on my discord server that he received a tidbit about from a developer interview,
after revealing this information in the video, the discord community went as far
as datamining the contents of both the PC and the Super Nintendo version to the
best of their ability, but couldn’t find anything despite their efforts.
Unbelievably, weeks later Hydl C came to my discord and showed us the Easter
Egg was hiding on this exact pixel on the Super Nintendo version. “Hello! Hello! Hello! Hello!” And it’s even a 3 stooges reference! It’s unbelievable to me
that an easter egg that was hiding in plain sight went this far unnoticed for
25 years! No hacking, no using the scripts of the game, just good old-fashioned egg
hunting! Truly inspiring to know the oddheader community showed the world once again
that no matter how old these games get there’s still easter eggs left to find! If you enjoyed this video please subscribe and if you know of any other
great mysteries or discoveries that I missed, submit to oddheader.com or join
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