New York City and 25 square miles crowd concrete crime so cold they weather the
soul and freeze the love millions existed walking streets that may swallow them
whole spit out there yeah yeah when you’ve been locked away for the
better part of 15 years you’ve got no choice but to rely on those opposed to
watch out for your interests outside in my absence my son was given the keys to
market on placing his trust in those who claim to my immediate as it turned out
it was a decision both of us would come to regret and on the streets of New York
City regrets are measured in books Marcus damn money I didn’t know men I swear look out yeah yeah yeah yeah change this amount of the dog you know Oh John needs to shut the fucker Marcus the cooling there Joe ain’t the
only one what you’re talking about negative boys
fucked off gasps my pops still alive ok fucking monkey the way you were right behind me did in their crap after talking about yeah like the distance hear from you yeah yeah shit – I brought you here that you just like
your old man always go keep playing yeah yeah so you heard huh call came in a bunch of
Pop’s getting shaft to see if you’re okay what the hell happened Marcus he tried
to hurt me too mother fucks with no Lord you don’t
deserve to live Jesus crashed I guess you gotta do what
you gotta do ok ok I’ll take care of it no me nothing Marcus I helped raise you
and this is not how I expect to be repaid look you can’t keep doing this you had
some scratch before but this one we’re talking about one big fucking band aid
is the last time I’m saving your ass so you better do exactly as I say well
you’re on your own forever all right man now get the fuck
out of here kid yeah Merry Christmas yeah yeah it’s crazy well I thought I’d be making
into the organized crime you know I remember when you couldn’t
even wipe your own ass without my help hotshots don’t get cocky when Detective
yes cool in one place to his qualification test
like that you want that much for her to get out of my unit lieutenant Dixon nah I was just save it I’m happy for you
you’re gonna make a hell of a detective hurry up and polish your badge is going
to be late the what’s this thanks just dressed as cops and it ain’t
Halloween Perry talked about this Victor my contract a damn Terri you know I
don’t like green ones and Marcus has been on a beat for four years now just a stall the CIC stuff yeah yeah
hold down remember is your responsibility and then you got a pic ticket all you gotta do is pass don’t shoot
yourself in the foot this is your see this is the comeback alright greenhorn move on to the next
area all right now i’ll keep the next area if
you’re so right horn on to the next area now show you
all right three or move on to the next area just keep moving next area let’s get a move on alright greenhorn
move on to the next air bag now let me see you grapple and row time to move without being will be off
haha Oh Crouch to move nice and why it’s back
to some combat mouth get your guard up the lock oh alright greenhorn move on to the next
area all right what are you what are you punk come any day now son nope two killed a cop very nice result so that’s what I like
to see texas the run-and-gun court you ready
okay all right you got are all right great horn now let’s see you lean around that
corner and take you ok now you can leave that wall ready to get lucky let’s see if you all right pick up those
grenades our lives son what to do with them just like back in now I can almost
smell of a fault sometimes now look around and find your target
nice little area and fire away we call it neutralizing little fun before we wrap up here I shooting officer you pass with flying
fucking colors happy ok so long you can show me you can drive ok step on the gas and get rolling now you on that half break next let’s hear your siren stops best
friend right yeah Apple out your fiscal and shoot guns on
target as you imagine up ahead is some Joker that doesn’t want to get that son
of a bitch into next week yeah yeah and they friggin time sweetheart watch out for the people now don’t you
hit any guidance cool lon guess what forget you’re done exit the
vehicle and head for congratulations officer this complete your cic
qualifications test good luck to you out there no honey lock is a grand central know
the new ones yes shoot submit that you glad that
floating all right you know what the bottom okay
look at current wanted to just move it to the city pick and save yourself a
train ride on my salad you’re kidding wait looks like you still have both feet kit
was I fuck the right about this guy or what is le got nothing on you can call
for Christ’s sakes Terry how hard is it the shooter target I want you to take them in the street
see if he can handle himself playing closing the old wheel perks to the hole
through otherwise no shield on the time with a boy wonder rhyme kick-ass 2 by
grab your street here and pick up an unmarked Cruiser the garage which
outside you know i got a boy wonder right yeah yeah hello detective for you yeah yeah hey Jerry cannot be with the chameleon
where better to show their love it . money no but we’ll talk later all right that’s crew talk to your father lately nah man mmm myself a couple weeks back he wanted to
see you yeah well park and call me if he wants to precise heat the 1i here
watching my back I come on Marcus were practically family
right right right now let me see a dr huh yeah check your GPS you think you can
beat the clock and step on it yeah it sounded be our heart this peach
you want to get through traffic how about using that siren huh keep this pace Marcus and you’ll make it yeah ok you made it just pull up get out of
the car I’ll come on Terry don’t make me jump through all these
hoops just go through the motions kid keeps the viral off our backs right yeah yeah okay but that keep your phone
on a run you through a few bases what the hell are you waiting for all
right let’s see your friskin hunches Victor emails and pat him down for
contraband you know what you got there in my balls
is breaking my bone police holding on a cop douche bag come on look let me walk I could go on
next I want to see you expect the car walk over to the park car over there and
pop his truck for me with you hey looks like you found something you
know I heard some kind of sell the stuff at the pawn shops but you’re gonna
voucher it at the precinct right whoa look at these guys we’ve got a few
hard cases well you should already know there are
different types of perky there are the one arm types shooting
these guys definitely no no then there are the perps armed with a
battery of knives or something save your bullets unless absolutely
necessary for my favorite The Joker’s that are back in heat it’s open season are what’s going on
right out they put in that nice shooting now put some cuffs on
those pics before they run for it cancel Christmas Marcus you paid attention one of your
college is getting away coming to yourself a car chase him down
police officer Marcus you need a car to get the street
/ that badge doctor-patient this loser may be useful don’t kill it much that shit looks like we got a runner all
right look at your car chase it down on foot when you get close enough to
calculus ass to the ground Marcus just gonna let it run off and
said slap the cuffs on him are you done it’s all bad dog all bad nice work Marcus passed a plus now let’s
go see the king we’ll be all hurt you’ve been looking after my boy tear looking after myself pop yeah you’ve been I say just doing my time to what do I owe the honor but you might want to see this seems my boys no longer just a pawn congratulations son last for the vine I’ll be there but Isaiah we got to cut
this short I’ll be seen the curt let them out you did good boy scout you know you’re
the first new face you know see you seven years seems like Navarro keeps that you know there’s a reason for that we’ll talk
about it some other time yeah redmond barry spread you got no time shape was the fireman come on Marcus
this is important get your ass in the car man i gotta hurry up when the hell myself that briefcase sure if you need
to know now i’m at school I’m that out six minutes come in guns
blazing I I got your back yeah yeah