Previously on Global Games,
the competitors tackled the Ultimate Maniac in olive
oil wrestling. They all made it out alive, but only two
walked away with the gold, Olympian
Lolo and influencer Luis. This is the Lolo’s
second gold in a row. But influencer Hendo
still remains the overall medal count leader. How long can he keep this up
with Luis hot on his heels? Let’s find out. Welcome to Global Games, where
real Olympians battle it out with social influencers
in games that we invented. These challenges will test their strength, skill,
and stamina on a level never seen before. The participants will
be competing in pairs, but ultimately fighting to win
the most individual medals. The competitor with
the highest medal count at the end of the eight
challenges will take home the gold and the bragging rights
as the ultimate athlete. Who will win, an Olympian
or a social influencer? This is Global Games,
Tube Curling. – I’m Mike.
– And I’m Spice. And together we are
Mike and Spice. Today’s competition
is tube curling. Curling has been around
since the 16th century. But since 1998, it’s been
considered an official Winter Olympic sport with
Canada sweeping the last three Winter Olympic Games. Sweeping, get it? Eh, sweeping, eh? Yeah. Curling is a game of precision. In curling, teams are tasked to
slide a rock on a sheet of ice toward their target. In other words, it’s like
shuffleboard with a bull’s-eye. So you’re saying closest
to the centre – is where you want to be.
– Exactly. But be wary, because your
opponents can knock you out. Our version of curling
at Global Games is a bit different. Instead of ice, we’ll be using
a slicked-up slip and slide. And instead of rocks, we’ll be
using humans on inner tubes. We’ll do 10 innings. And the points will double,
starting in the eighth. Let’s get this
competition started. Yes, let’s do this. I’m Lolo Jones, Summer and
Winter Olympian track and field and bobsled. And I compete for USA. The Olympic athletes have
the experience of competing. But the influencers, what
experience do they have? I mean, obviously, we all know
how competitive athletes are. Whatever weakness you
have, you want a partner that has a strength in that. We have, like, 10 take downs. The majority of them, you. I’ve got Lolo on my team
today for tube curling. And she’s the all-round
athlete. She’s just got that sliding
element to her bobsled. So I reckon she’s
got the advantage. And I’ve done some slip
and slide stuff before, so I’m pretty confident. (INNING ONE) Asafa with a solid
push out of the gate. Last time Mikael and Luis were
teamed up, they took gold. Will they be able to make
that magic happen again? Oh, and Luis gets the
bull’s-eye right there. That’s good for one point. Felt like you have
better control, so you can push me, right? She knows exactly what
she’s talking about. Oh! Oh. (INNING TWO) We’ll take that. Oh, ouch! Collision on the course. So Mikael and Luis get a
point in the first inning. And Lolo and Derek get
a point in the second. Let’s see if some of the
others can score some points in the next two innings. That’s just a bit of Asafa. He likes his mind games. He likes to push
the line on the rules. I love that Linlin
went out there and, like, physically turned
his body – was like, no. Linlin, she will stand
up for the whole group and put Asafa in his place. Honestly, she’s the driving
force behind our team. She knows all the strategies. Lolo cruises past
Asafa, but doesn’t manage to make it on target. (INNING FOUR) No, you push me. We had a beautiful strategy
there, back in the game. And Linlin and Hendo take
innings three and four, scoring a point in both. They are now the team to
beat going into round five. Asafa and Alexia have yet to
score, but that could change. (INNING FIVE) Just wait! Just wait!
Just wait! I win! I win! Whoo! (INNING SIX) Lolo used all her
bobsled pushing power to slide Derek into the
target and bump Alexia out, getting them a point. (INNING SEVEN) We’re going to win
tube curling, because I might look small,
but I’m heavy. I’m heavy.
And he’s got good size. So that’s one of
our main advantages over other competitors,
and that’s one. And Mikael, splitting
the competition, slinks into a bull’s-eye. After taking the point in two
of the last three innings, Luis and Mikael take the lead. Well, here we are
into round eight where the points are doubled,
so anything can happen. Yeah.
We’re having fun, so much fun. So much fun. I thought it was so much
fun, but it’s pretty intense. Push harder. No water.
No water now. No water. Push hard! Good job! I think Linlin’s going to
be great at tube curling, just because it relates
so well to what she does. Yeah! Yeah, baby. Linlin breezes right
into the bull’s-eye, getting double points
and taking the lead. (INNING NINE) I think Asafa and
I are going to do great at tube curling,
because I think he’s going to be able to
push me really well down the slip and slide. Oh. Stop! Asafa and Alexia finally hit
the bull’s-eye with this run. This gives them two points. If they can repeat
that feat, they can be tied for first place. Maybe they saved some
magic for the end. Here comes the tenth
and final inning. (INNING TEN) Third, fourth, we are coming. Let’s go for gold. Just go between them. If we bump, we bump Alexia. Last spin for the day! Yeah! Let’s do this. Harder, harder! Yes! Coming! No! You lay down! Tension is high right now. But I smell gold. Smell that? Go, go, go, go, go! Nice! Asafa and Alexia make a
stunning play from behind to get another two points
in the tenth inning. We’re now all tied
up for first, which means we have a
tie-breaker for the gold. We got to go an extra innings. Oh, my gosh. Whichever team makes it closer
to the centre target wins. That’s how you do it. We’re tied for first place. Wait, wait, wait. OK. You go first. Sh! Shut up, I’ll go first. But, but… That’s it. Beautiful. Stop! Asafa needs to make
it on the target and closer to the centre than
Linlin to take home the gold. It’s all resting on
his shoulders now. Hey! No. Doesn’t count! Your shoulder was like this! No! How can that count? Because I was sliding down! No, no way! Oh, disqualified. You can’t do that. Hey, hey, Aristotle,
can you do that? He said, no. You can’t do that. You’re done, son. You’re done. Yeah! Celebration! Woo! We won! First. Linlin and Hendo get gold. Asafa and Alexia get silver. And Luis and Mikael
bring home the bronze. – Boom!
– Whoo! So once again, here’s the
medal board with the results. Influencer Hendo doesn’t
slip from the top spot in the overall medal count
for the third week in a row and remains top dog with
three gold and two silver. How long can he
keep this up for? We’re going to find out
with the next challenge. On the next Global Games,
fencing with bubble wrap, does it make sense? No. Is it awesome? Yes. En garde! Mike, Mike, chill. May the best team win, guys. (GLOBAL GAMES)