A wealth of incredible video games
released in 2019 across platforms including PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
and of course PC. However, due to the sheer amount of releases that swept
their way across consoles, some of the year’s best PC games went either
unnoticed or underappreciated. For those worried they missed out on some truly
incredible titles this year we thought it’d be a good idea to take a look back
at some of the most underrated PC gems of 2019. While Griftlands is currently in its alpha state on PC it’s fully playable
and offers an exciting look at the latest offering from Klei entertainment, the makers of Don’t Starve and Oxygen Not Included, boasting gorgeous art and a
unique take on both roguelike and deck-building mechanics. Griftlands is
truly a blast to play Don’t let the Alpha status of Griftlands
deter you as Klei has shown dedication when it comes to providing regular updates
to the game with new cards and quests to enjoy. What’s more they actively listen
to user feedback helping make Griftlands something
everyone can enjoy. If you have some free time set aside and are in the mood for
something different be sure to check out the Alpha for Griftlands on the Epic
Game Store and look for its full release on Steam in 2020. Disco Elysium released on October 15th
right before the big wave of AAA titles came in and swept their way
through public discourse. The timing is a shame given the fact that Disco Elysium
is without a doubt one of the best games of 2019. Despite the fact you can play
Disco Elysium on console including PS4 and Xbox One it almost feels tailored to
a PC audience given its detailed gameplay using a mouse and keyboard to
help you unravel murder mysteries and explore seedy city blocks in. Disco Elysium feels both natural and intuitive. Combine these mechanics with exceptional
writing that keeps you hooked from start to finish and you have a real gem on
your hands. We have no doubt that Disco Elysium will go on to define indie RPGs
in the new decade and for good reason. It’s amazing! If you missed this one you
owe it to yourself to pick up a copy on PC. Yes, technically, Hades released in
December of 2018 rather than 2019, however, it released in early access. It
was limited to the first two levels. Beat that and you essentially completed the
entire game. Most of the major updates for Hades were introduced in 2019 so
what counts is being released in 2019 It’s more full game now than it was in
2018, that’s for certain. It’s also exclusive to PC via the Epic Game Store. Though it gets an official Steam release on December 10th 2019. For those
unfamiliar with Hades, it’s the next game from developer Supergiant, the makers of
Bastion and Transistor. In Hades you play as Zagreus, a fiercely independent son of
Hades. Frustrated with your life in the underworld, you set off on a journey to
escape and make it to the surface. Hades is primary a roguelike which means you
die a lot. What’s nice about this is how death can be carefully interwoven into
the game, so that it never feels like a punishment. Once you start playing Hades
it’s hard to stop and it’s a shame that it hasn’t been talked about in 2019 as
much as it should have been. Continuing the hell theme, we have After
party from Night School Studios. Afterparty is another game like Disco Elysium,
released on other platforms but feels best suited for PC. In the game you play
as a recently deceased duo Milo and Lola finding themselves trapped in hell for
an eternity. Milo + Lola uncover a strange loophole to
escape and return to Earth. What’s this loophole you ask? Out drink Satan. No
really, you have to out drink Satan. Of course there are plenty of other things
to do in Afterparty as well. Every decision you make and every piece of
dialogue you select changes the outcome and direction of the game. You can play
and replay Afterparty dozens of times and always encounter something different. It’s one of the reasons why playing on PC is recommended, as you can open up a
Google Doc and take note of your choices At least, we did. Given the fact that we
wanted to plan out our perfect strategy. And remind ourselves what happens when
you pick a cocktail with a name like “famous last words”. Did you know that
Tetris Effect released on PC this year? It’s true. Gamers seem to have missed out
on the PC release of Tetris Effect in 2019 and it’s a real shame. Originally
exclusive to PS4, Tetris Effect is arguably one of the decades best Tetris
games. It was first made available to PC gamers as of July 23rd 2019 with VR
support for headsets outside of PSVR including Oculus. While the PC release is
exclusive to the Epic Game Store right now it offers all the bells and whistles
of the PS4 version and then some. In our opinion Tetris Effect seems better
suited to PC and if you haven’t played this masterpiece yet, we highly recommend
purchasing a PC copy. These are just a few of the many underrated PC games out
there in the market. Which game do you think should have made the list? Let us
know in the comments below.