Hello community PlayerIGN here, 1st if you haven;t seen the 3rd anniversary
skins yet here they are. Last week PUBG_Hawkinz hinted that we will
be seeing something new about Vikendi in a few weeks. Here we are now, on Chinese social media PUBG
announced a few changes to partners. So I believe this might’ve been a leak. Streamers will be able to test this new Vikendi
on March 9, 2020. So look out for your favorite streamers to
play with on March 9th. The infographic mentions a handful of changes
including: 1. A new railway and a new train being added
2. Most of the snow being removed on Vikendi
3. DinoPark is expanded and its name is changed
to Dinoland 4. They also added a new structure to Mount Kreznic
5. And Movatra & Tovar got changed Now regarding the new railway and a train–
it would be interesting to see PUBG add a train that constantly moves around the map
like in Apex Legends. Most of the snow being removed, means potentially
less white ghillies and harder to spot people on this map. The Mt. Kreznic and DinoPark changes looks
like it’s there to make these places a lot more attractive to drop at. And we don’t really know what’s being
changed for Movatra and Tovar. So there’s not really anything to say there. That’s all for now, and as alway thanks
for watching.