[RUKARI] Hello, and welcome to the Xbox Game Pass challenge. My name is Rukari. And this is Mr Vin Diesel and Cody Walker, how are things? [CODY] Awesome! We’re in Cape Town. [VIN] South Africa is so beautiful. [RUKARI] Reach Out Worldwide which of course is an organisation, a charity that helps disaster relief. We’re going to have a multitude of games that we’re playing. One of the ones that we’ll play a bunch is Forza Horizon 4 which has just launched and if you have Xbox Game Pass you can pick it up and play it right now. But for every challenge that you complete, we’re going to be donating ten thousand dollars to Reach Out Worldwide. [ALL] GO CODY! GO CODY! [CODY] Ok! [VIN] You got this bro. [VIN] Whoa, whoa, whoa! [RUKARI] Can he get there? [ALL] Whoa! [RUKARI] So for Super Mega Baseball what we need you to do in this three minute span is hit a home run. We hit our three minutes. We’re gonna go play Forza, let’s go do it! [CODY] Oh no! That was a bad exit off that. [ALL] Oh! [RUKARI] Score a goal in one v one. I really feel like he can make this happen. Oh, is that it?! Job done! We’re gonna do the Halo Warthog challenge. [RUKARI] Are you ready to do this? [VIN] Let’s do it [RUKARI] You’re gonna finish it. There we go. [VIN] Ten thousand dollars, baby! [RUKARI] Who’s playing Clustertruck? All you gotta do is make it through one level but I will tell you, it’s challenging. I have no idea what’s about to happen here, now he’s just having fun! But that definitely means we have, another 10k to Reach Out Worldwide. Cody’s back in the sled! [CODY] Reach Out Worldwide does what it does because we have, you know, incredible partners like XBOX, and incredible fans. I’m racing in a car right now in Forza for ten thousand dollars. [RUKARI] We figure we might as well make this an even hundred thousand, because Vin’s been shouting it out all day! We can’t let him go without that! [CODY] Thank you so much! [VIN] Thank you XBOX. [CODY] Thank you XBOX! [XBOX SOUND]