Hey everybody welcome to watch gameplay Films. Today we’re playing Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality. So here we are. You wanna try? We’re gonna play it. Alright let’s go! Grab a disc pop her in so antiquated. Press start, why won’t it work! BONK! Whoa! Holy crap! Rick y-y-y-you made a Morty clone Rick! Yeah I know I had to rearrange the entire garage do it Morty. Morty clone pay attention to me. I want you to take this laundry and put it in the washing machine and if that’s too confusing of instructions for ya, you know there’s a dry erase board on the uh I put up in the garage here. The erase board area you’ll see i wrote instructions on what you’re supposed to do. This is great, created to do your laundry that makes me feel real good. Smell it! Smmmell iiiiittt! You love it!!!! I’m just gonna touch you Rick. I’m surprised you’re not like; this doesn’t make you uncomfortable? Can you smell the peanut butter on my palm? Can you smell it Morty? What it’s smell like? Peanut Butter? I’m gonna grab your eyeballs, grabbed’em. What do you see? How do you like me now!!?? Wow Rick, he’s a regular old Morty clone. That’s right Morty. Careful with that. You don’t even want to know what I measured with that, just this morning. Eew! That’s cute. You’re the most adorable little thing. Oh thank! Aren’t you cute. Aren’t you just a cute little parasite from across the galaxy. Yes you are. Let’s try another charging. Another battery charging gonna pull the little thing there, like I do usually in the morning for about 15 and now we go on. Alright, I got it. Let us go. That’s really cool. Battery fully charged open please. I’ll take one of these. What the? Sure, why not? Oh, gotta brush my teeth. Yeeaah! Nice and clean. A little bit in here. There we go. Why would you point that at me? Shut up! I’m the real Rick! I’m your Rick. I could crush you. NOM! GULP! *chewing* MMMMMmmm. What is this? [The mail man says, “My man!”] Snniiffff iittttttt! Don’t ignore me! Don’t ignore me! I am your DNA I’m in genetic material! *crying* God no! What are we Morty? What are we? *struggling* AAAhhhh! *POP!* Staring at Morty? You’re staring at your soul! *sniff* Ooohhh! Why did I do that? Ugh, underwear, pants and shirt Soap going; there we go. Whooooo! Bloop. And uh, close. Let’s do hot, so we shrink all of your clothing. So now that this Morty Clone finished the laundry, I don’t need it any more. Huh? Poppa? It’s nothing but a ussless pile of floating head and- NO! Pappa save me! NNOOOO! Eeeewwww! *nom* Ugh, Really? Yeah, uugghhhhhhh.