Guys! Squad behind you! Ah Shit! Nonononono *gunshots Ah Shit Ah Sorry guys, I didn’t see him. So we just start a new one. Yeah, right. We just Rambo it. Yeah, cool Let’s go with that real quick. So Rowan I’m gonna take your gun. Okay? Ah yeah *dramatic music with gunfights* *dramatic music with gunfights* Ah, yes. Wow. The one time you did really well. Great. *dramatic music with more gunfights* *dramatic music* *dramatic music with even more gunfights* My beard the normal thanks, man Thanks man. *dramatic music* *dramatic music with gunshots from somewhere else* Two coming from outside. Look what finished but it’s no water *gunshots from a SCAR-L that sounds like a QBZ* Knocked one *more gunshots* Finished ‘em both That’s nice (?) Oh cool. Great. You’re rezzing him. Yes Yesyesyesyesyesyes *more dramatic music with even more gunfights.* *more dramatic music with even more gunfights* A grenade (?) *more dramatic music with even more gunfights* *more dramatic music with even more gunfights.* Ben shouts in gibberish *more dramatic music with even more gunfights* Grenade explodes Oh cool Oh holy shit. Wow. Oh man That was nuts. I’m pretty sure we’ve cleared the compound. I think we have. I got three kills Dude congrats that’s huge. Isn’t it crazy? How like when you go Rambo and you don’t really care, and you often do kinda well? Totally. Totally, you just kinda go aggro and you just don’t care. Yeah, a weight is lifted and you just like play better. Definitely. Oh well. Let’s quit out and start a new game. mmm I mean, I’ve…I’ve actually got really good loot now. Yeah, I’m doing so well, I want to see how much better I can do. Yeah, I got five kills This doesn’t really happen to me man. Plus we got the circle again. We’re in really good position. Only 50 left Yeah But like I died right at the start and normally when someone dies right at the start we quit out and start a new game. (?) the game. For sure Yeah, it’s not really early anymore But that means I’m gonna be observing. We should probably move out yeah Cool. Aweso-Cool. Yep Oh shit squad. Oh, I’m gonna take him I’m gonna take him. Down Down. Oh, they must have only been two of them. Oh nice good nice Wow, you guys had a really good game Oh oh oh shit there is a whole squad. Should we engage? you guys should take ‘em on. *clamoring* *gunshots* *gunshots* Down. Yep, got the other one. *gunshots from afar* *more gunshots* Oh!I did it Oh! We got the chicken dinner?!?!? *cheering* We haven’t gotten a chicken dinner in months! Right! Wow nice nice guys. Man, I wish I was part of that Yeah! *clamoring again* All right, well let’s go(?) for another game. Yeah! Yeah Actually, I’m feeling quite tired. Yeah. Wait, what is the time? Oh shit. It’s past midnight. Oh I might bounce. Are you serious? (Actually I got) work in the morning I think I need to go. I’ll catch you guys later So that’s great seeing the chicken dinner. Yeah *pop* Oh wow. Wow *theme plays* Hey guys if you enjoyed that don’t forget to subscribe the buttons over there *laughing ensues*