Welcome back ya Dingos! It says it’s
our first real test Dingos are looking to dominate Wyoming and they’re MWC
opener it’s a weird thing to say headline we beat u GF who was number
five at the time in Colorado earlier this year but I guess the real tough
opponent was FCS southeast we all know that our schedule is still pretty
difficult we got three road games in a row left to go Wyoming number seven
Arizona and then UNLV all gonna be some tough games but I’m up for the challenge
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later on in the video this episode we’re taking on Wyoming they are 1 & 2 on the
year b-minus overall team so actually one of the weaker opponents we’ve played
this year but it is our first conference game so it is very important we get the
W at least according to the statistics we should dominate this game but we
never know with me a few interceptions and we could find
ourself with a phat L look at that we have the third highest passing offense
in the country and also like one of the worst rushing attacks
I’m telling you Kevin Davidson is something special guarantee you every
single thought he on campus is coming up to own like hi Kevin beautiful day here
in Wyoming the doodoo brown versus the diarrhea brown who’s gonna win this game soft tackling he gets an extra like four
yards out of it hope we swarm the crap out of him their blockers didn’t even
show up launching a deep in a double coverage he caught that oh my god how
how in the world did he pull that one off
why did that quarterback even throw it is the better question
we just got embarrassed so the corner he’s got to be out of bounds no way he
caught this one that guy is snagging all over the place
he catches one in double coverage and then toe taps on the end zone I will not
stand for this Eric Copeland you legend I am
challenging the touchdown if they’re not gonna review it I don’t think he caught
that okay he did my goodness I’m embarrassed take my timeout I don’t want
it anymore he is that good that was all Eric copeland on that drive well hot dog
another top five team Falls Iowa State over Penn State’s trying to get my
quarterback warmed up with a screen pass and his blockers were nowhere to be seen
oh another amazing catch for Martinez he just does one hand he catches for fun
out here did he choke somebody with that you got a first down out of it of course hairs gonna drop that and gold
it away from him as far as possible can we get the good roll yes he backs away
from it inside the tin another great punt from Matt Jessie give me that one
straight to set Burton he’s going down interception number one for the defense
that gives us the ball back in great field position across the middle turn
upfield he’s got it just enough nice job McEvoy first catch of the game
for him oh no in the coverage again that’s another chance that they’re
dropping we are lucky to even be in this game snakes in the left post 7 2 3 I’m
making the horrible reads on offense with this safety blitz another
interception for the dingoes let’s go Marcus frisk I use it that one all the
way high 5 and the coaching staff excellent game for him just go short
Joseph Davis underhanded cut hit in midair that didn’t work out kick is good
great kick Matt Jesse nice job from the defense offense you know what we’re not
happy with yet the moments oh no Copeland can Avery Harris get him does
he have all their receiving yards today because it feels like it bullying that fool up the middle doesn’t
have anybody know he’s I thought he’s getting back up
Zack wrote him with a sack they’re gonna kick a field goal from the midfield logo
so I’m sending out the punt return team to try and get this one it’s well short
this is returnable for Chris Davis can he get the kick six cutting right
cutting back in always getting back up that’s cheesy like got some extra
yardage across the middle can he get it leaping into the air junior Miller who
has been very impressive here in his senior season what a snag
starting short so I’m gonna let Kenneth Hernandez gonna carry here fullback
still strong out here it the fullback again on the run over his head damn if I
would have been more patience we could have got him well I hate to take another
field goal but this will give us the lead so I might as well take the points
why I got a chance at them and it’s through Matt Jesse just ridiculous
amount of field goals this season to be completely honest I don’t know how we’re
winning the game right now we have not played well dang it I got burned there’s
gonna cut to the outside it’s going back to the inside again but
we get them Brian McBride with another tackle right Adam Marcus cush with a
pick on the sideline the screen froze when he caught it – they even the game
couldn’t believe he’s what a catch from the junior college transfer I’m taking a
chance Chris McAvoy stops gets the catch what a
nice play Oh get rid of that throw it out what the
heck why’d you pump fake Adam I wanted to throw it out cuz that’s just an awful
sack to take now we got to heave this thing going over to John Evans one on
one picked off it’s way too slow to catch up to him but Jacob Hills fighting
over there walk on getting in there for a tackle being an ugly offensive showing
for both sides 9 2 7 we have three field goals but we also have three picks on
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you know I forget JT Martinez did have like a hundred rushing yards on them
last year so let’s get em a carry that’s four five not bad try to follow my blockers but at a
snail’s pace you got a tie then across the middle
always love me some macdaddy action catch it catch it step back okay
well take the first go this one out hey we actually threw it out of bounds and
not forcing a pass what a concept oh we got John Evans streaking in the
hands he’s got a touchdown finally we got loose deep and finally I saw him
beautiful pass no safety back to help him no that one’s
picked yeah oh no bring him down definitely forced it to John Evans cuz I
thought he would catch it he fends has played well though three sacks three
takes on the game putting a lot of pressure on this QB oh no he’s going past the second-level
flag on the field he’s into the end zone but I think this has got to be against
them clipping for sure I was about to say we got bailed out but Jenny’s
escaping through Seth Burton gets to him but not after he got a huge gain got to
him fullbacks open though Jessie Shelton great tackle keeper for the quarterback
and we’re there damnit amo getting some action boom gnam nice tackle for my corner across the middle Alex King one yard
short of it hopefully they’ll just kick the field goal they’re being smart going
for the touchdown right here I don’t blame he pitches it out nobody there
he’s in a fake the full-back handoff and pitched it to the running back well that
makes my two point conversion look idiotic because now if they get this
two-point conversion they tie up the game and they do get it tie football
game I drew skied it there’s a thottie out
there on somebody’s shoulders though with some doodoo scraped all over them great blocks can I get past him got up
to the 40 I’ll take it there we go that’s again I like 15 nice
running Martinez that’s a bad sack I just kept running backwards what was I
thinking throw it oh my god I don’t know if that
was me or the offensive line or both one-on-one safety almost got that one
trash drive for me not really my best kick but maybe we gonna get it a good
roll yeah seen a lot worse not open we’re gonna sack him a k47 doing his job stopping doing a little too much and we
got him I tried to pick it off Jeremy Rodgers there thank you for helping me
I wanted the Pick six since we’re right in front of it going into the fourth
quarter we’re all tied up at 15 it has been ugly but it’s not anything we can’t
win thanks to them punting out of their own end zone we get the ball inside the
40 just under six minutes to go oh good night no blocks at all dude where are
the blocks they sacked me before I could even have finished the play-action
Jermaine Hodges gave up a sack and that was just a terrible one oh now we got it
just try and get him field goal range or something taking a chance he’ll yeah
John Evans big boy um even though he’s the shorter guy or to catch held my
breath for a second 50/50 ball last time he got picked off this time John Evans
made sure he came down with it go to the outside breaking one off liked the
effort not enough yards to get there oh my god I got a hit as I threw it well
that sucks now it’s fourth and goal I had a man open wide open in the flats
but I was trying to target John Evans bad mistakes but at least we can get a
field goal here not Jesse puts it through he’s at an
excellent game 18 to 15 we need the defense to make a play it’s green pass
carry spell you’re our last hope it’s only the full-back what are they
thinking he’s running for it Brian McBride it’s got him QB spite I’m glad
that came in handy I tried to dive at him way too out of range Oh off the tip
we got it marques coach – Avery Harris little tip
drill Marcus cush off of his facemask Avery
Harris with the heads-up play we got the football back with two
minutes left what a cut from Martinez that’s gonna be a first that gives us a
good chance to win this game just got to protect the football third and one can
we get this first down we get this first down we win the ballgame putting it on
Kenneth Hernandez he had a good run earlier gets it to him sticks his way
for it that’s gonna be ballgame talk about a win we absolutely did not
deserve but I will certainly accept Matt Jesse gets player of the game you sure
got it last week – it’s been a very consistent player for us always proud of
them offense needs to be more consistent holy buckets
either way glad we got the W for the dingoo faithful stats on the game Kevin
Davidson actually mediocre today 16 to 26 210 yards one passing touchdown – one
interception rushing is a problem for our team JC Martinez was pretty
efficient though for timpz 28 yards probably gonna maybe move him back in
the starting lineup cuz it was the only bright spot there John Evans was a beast
today three catches 87 yards in a touchdown including a snag over some
dudes head Chris McEvoy was also pretty good just an all-around tough day for
the offense but still they got their cake and ate it carry spell lettuce and
tackles was six two of them for loss including a sack we had four sacks on
the game Zach Roden Alex can carry spell and Brian McBride four interceptions
today that and alongside Matt Jessie kickin some great footballs is the
reason why we won this game Avery Harris Seth Burton Marcus coos and
Marcus frisk give yourself a helmet sticker four for four including the
longer 44 tip of the hat to Matt Jesse he also down two punts inside the 20
awesome stuff 31 rushing yards for our team 35 rushing
yards for their team nobody could get it done on the ground
very ugly game they despite a pretty rough game Kevin Davidson is still
leading the NCAA in passing yards right now with a thousand 96 oh look at that
we have 44 votes to be in the top 25 we’re not in there yet
what if we win our next game against Arizona we are for sure pick in the top
25 well that’s a shame Chris pin locked us out don’t think we’re gonna have a
chance at him so I’m gonna take him off the board 3,000 behind on Cory Hayes
don’t tell me that’s no I’m sad mm behind on TJ Rodgers I think all burns
gonna get them both I also found a ton of gems this one is Curtis Spencer
number 51 quarterback in the nation he’s a scrambler 85 throw power he’s got some
decent speed too not good accuracy so he’s more of a project strong arm though
and it can run around a bit so there’s a lot of fun potential there
now running back we got a lot of speedsters this guy is a lot of
acceleration not many like moves or anything
Jonathan McIntyre has got 93 speed lower on acceleration and agility average at
Juke spin and all that stuff terrible catching and blocking Joseph Johnson
good receiving back but he is a juco transfer that tight end we got a bunch
of guys actually Kevin Carlson a lot of potential there good speed great
blocking and good enough catching Cory Thompson juco transfer great blocker how
about this guy Brooke Spicer 78 overall and this defensive tackle Anthony Mac
looks pretty strong Tyler McPherson 93 speed I mean this guy
looks amazing 87 zone coverage as a true freshman I need it Arizona is only a B
overall team so they are in the top ten but they look beatable got a lot to play
for next week I hope you guys are excited for it anyways that’s pretty
much all I for this video I want to say thank you guys so much for watching
you’re all legends in my book and ask for me I am drew Morris big old ruski
not the expert and I’ll see how you guys in my
next video face